Devon LeBron

New Scene on Staxus: Two Horny White Bois Get Blacked – And One Gets His Cute, Hungry Ass Double-Dicked! HD

I have to start this post off by pointing out that so many of the Staxus members have been extremely appreciative of this amazing gay interracial orgy video, voting it up, adding it to their faves lists and commenting about how amazingly hot it is, and I have to say that having watched it myself I am in complete agreement!

This video was added as a bit of an extra surprise for the members, and it seems to have done the job of putting smiles on faces and boners in hands ;)

It stars a collection of amazing performers, with hung black hunks Alejandro Marbena and Devon LeBron teaming up with power bottom Troy Stevenson and sexy new star Jace Reed.

All the cock swapping oral that goes on between these guys is already amazing, but you will be stunned when you see the anal action these guys enjoy. Troy is the real star of this gay interracial orgy, cementing his place amongst the boys as one of the greediest bottoms. Not only is he eager to take cock after cock in his tight pale ass, he’s getting a DP fucking too!

Yep, I know you guys love seeing two big raw cocks being crammed into one hole, and you are going to love seeing Troy taking it in this scene. If you haven’t watched this one yet I’m gonna tell you to stop reading, click through and get your dick in your hand – you are going to LOVE this video ;)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (1)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (2)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (3)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Beer, cigarettes, and double penetration HD

After reading the comments on this new gay interracial orgy video that arrived on the Staxus site today I have discovered the reason for the overdose in hardcore we’ve suddenly seen. It’s Elco’s birthday, and he decided that the best way to celebrate it was to give us all something special to enjoy!

Happy birthday Elco! ;)

The result is an awesome orgy fuck with some of the most gorgeous studs on the site. Dick Casey, Benjamin Dunn, Devon LeBron and Alejandro Marbena are the guys sharing their totally amazing cocks and butt holes in this one, with some extremely hot action that you are not going to want to miss.

You all know that Dick discovered he loves the feel of a big cock in his ass towards the end of last year, and we get more prof of his growing lust for ass fucking in this video. He doesn’t just take one dick in that smooth European jock hole, he gets a double penetration too!

There’s a lot of kinky fun in this one, with smoking, foot fetish, foreskin docking and more besides, but I think most of you will be wanting to see that fit jock boy riding two cocks at once ;)

The feast of sucking and rimming leads to Dick impaling his pink ass on Benjamin’s stiff inches as Devon and Alejandro continue their oral fun, but soon the boy is taking more than one cock in that tight pink picker and being stretched to the limit!

The bukkake finish Dick takes at the end of this one is real hot, but he beats them all with his famous splashing and squirting shots as he wanks out his own juices while the guys rub all their combined cum into his muscled physique.

This is one of the best gay interracial orgy videos I have ever watched, and it’s all because of Elco and his birthday, so again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELCO! ;)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (1)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (2)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (3)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Oversized Cock HD

It probably shouldn’t have been such a surprise that you guys would love this new video on the Staxus site, I had a feeling that the sight of Devon LeBron’s massive raw black cock sinking into a young white twinky ass would have plenty of you going a little bit mental over it ;)

We love the gay interracial fucking on the site, and this new arrival proves it once more. The comments and the votes for this new hardcore arrival show that you want more of this, and I think the guys in the office have been paying attention.

Young noob Matt Johnson really takes that immense shaft well in this one, and you know that Devon is capable when it comes to making a boy cry out for more. The sight of his thick meat stretching out that tight little ass should have most of you on the edge of cumming before they do, but the finish is one that you’ll want to see.

I was really impressed with this interracial gay fucking, it’s easily one of the best new arrivals we’ve had recently, and it seems a lot of you guys agree. Check it out if you haven’t already, I know this is already on the faves lists of plenty of the members and it’ll probably be on yours too.

Devon LeBron fucks Matt Johnson bareback

Coming Soon on Staxus: Oversized Cock

I know for a fact that this coming video is going to please a hell of a lot of you guys when it arrives on the Staxus site. As you can see from the title, this is all about big dicks, but not only that, it’s a gay interracial twink porn scene too!

Yep, I remember that plenty of you couldn’t get enough of the interracial action we were seeing arrive on the site a couple of months back, and we’re kicking it off again with this amazing duo between Matt Johnson and Devon LeBron.

Devon is enjoying his own immense inches of dark fuckmeat as Matt watches, but the boy can’t just watch. He needs a taste of that long shaft, and he really needs that length sliding up into his fuck hole for a deep and raw slamming too!

I have to admit that when I’ve seen some of the big cocks the guys have and the boys taking them with such ease I am so often impressed, I couldn’t take some of the pounding these twink boys take. Just like you guys, I get so turned on seeing it, and this new gay interracial twink scene is going to have me wanking out more than one shot of jizz when it arrives ;)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (1)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (2)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (3)

Matt Johnson appears in a hot gay interracial twink fuck with Devon LeBron at Staxus (4)

Weekly Recap: Power Top Orlando White, hung interracial fucking, superhero gay porn and Billy Rubens becoming exclusive!

Well, here we have another great weekly recap, and I think you guys might have really missed this last weekend when we going through the top scenes in each category. There’s been a lot over the last seven days worth featuring again on the blog, so if you missed out on any of the posts kick back with your dick in your fist and enjoy a little rehash of some of the best parts ;)

I have to kick things off in this post by mentioning the appearance of gorgeous power top Orlando White as he fucked the hot ass of Aussie boy Jaxon Radoc. This is an excellent pairing with two of the most gorgeous young men, and I can’t imagine any of you not shooting hard and messy watching this one. The school theme of the hardcore is hot, but the bareback fucking Orlando delivers is what really gets the attention. I know we don’t often get some real rough fucking on the site, but Orlando is the closest we have to a real energetic top who slams his cock into his friends, and he is always worth seeing!

Mensroom sex with gorgeous top Orlando White fucking hung bottom boy Jaxon Radoc (1)

Another undeniable highlight of the week was seeing Connor Levi returning to on-camera action in one of the most impressive gay interracial fuck videos we’ve seen in the last few months. I knew a lot of the fans were begging for more big black dick, and Devon LeBron can certainly deliver it to a tight and pale twink ass like the one young Connor has. Man, I tell you, this is one scene that proves how stretchy Connor’s ass is, the boy can really take a fact over-sized cock in his ass like the greediest of bottoms!

Cummy ass for Connor Levi

I also pulled out a treat from a little further back in the site this past week, with a twink superhero fuck starring Skylar Blu and Milan Sharp. I was a little surprised that I hadn’t shared this scene with you guys yet, but I know you were all very happy to see it. It’s a great video, and although I like to mock some of the themes the guys come up with from time to time the action and the stars appearing are what really does it for me. The themes are supposed to be fun and interesting, and although these superhero videos won’t be winning any Hollywood awards, they do certainly add some excellent hardcore for the fans to enjoy!

Bareback gay porn with Skylar Blu being fucked raw by Milan Sharp at Staxus (1)

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we discovered this last week that the stunningly gorgeous Billy Rubens is now an exclusive Staxus performer, that he’s going to be starring in some bareback fucking, and that they already have a raw dicked shoot with the boy coming to the site very soon. I know I am not the only one really looking forward to seeing that!

Billy Rubens at Staxus

Billy Rubens signs as an exclusive bareback top for Staxus

There you have it boys, the latest recap from the Staxus blog with lots of goodies and stiff delicious dicks sinking into mouths and tight little butt holes. There’s a lot more coming over the next seven days, so stick around and keep checking back to see brand new hardcore every day ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Connor Levi Manhandles A Big Black Dick & Gets A Load Of Hot Jizz Up His Ass In Return! HD

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to know that several of the fans have been absolutely gushing about this new gay interracial video on the Staxus site, and they should be too because it’s one of the best I think we’ve ever had!

I knew the Staxus site was improving over the last year and it seemed all of you agreed that they were making some truly amazing hardcore for the members, but things just keep getting better and better with each passing week.

The guys on the site have been feverishly wanking out their cum loads to this new gay interracial video with Connor Levi being fucked bareback by massively hung Devon LeBron, and the comments on the scene (and the voting numbers too) show that this is one that is going to be on the faves lists of many.

After watching the video myself this afternoon I can confirm that the photos just don’t capture it well enough, there is no way you can possibly understand just how horny this bareback fuck is just from the gallery. You need to see this one to really appreciate the angles and the action these horny guys share.

One of the highlights you won’t see in the photos is the sight of Connor getting a hot load of cum right in his ass, and Devon sinking his naked soggy mammoth cock right back into that slippery hole too. And then seeing Connor sucking the cum from that massive boner is the final straw!

If you are a member and you haven’t watched this one yet, do yourself a favour and log in now ;)

Cummy ass for Connor Levi

Coming Soon on Staxus: Sex, champagne and strawberries

We might have passed Valentines Day by almost a week, but I think this slightly romantic hardcore gay interracial video coming to the Staxus site might still give you a little pang of “Awwww!” when you watch it. Don’t worry though, the theme of this one doesn’t seem to stop these guys from getting downright horny for cock with each other. Forget the stuffed toys and the flowers, a big black dick is something we would all love to get from a handsome man like Devon LeBron to celebrate such an occasion!

And who is that getting every inch of that impressively thick and meaty shaft!? Well, it’s Connor Levi of course, someone who occasionally steps back out from behind the cameras to remind us all of just how hot and horny British bareback boys can be ;)

Connor’s expression of amazement as he gets up close and personal with that mammoth meat is pretty priceless, and I had to share that photo in this post just for the fun of it. He knows how to show off and put some of his sparkling personality into a hardcore shoot. I guess we all know that he loves to have fun in his scenes, and although some of his pranks and jokes often have to be cut out there are little moments where we get to see his playful side shine through.

I know a lot of you have been crying out for more gay interracial videos on the site, so I also know that this new arrival is going to get a lot of love from you guys when the scene drops later on tonight.

Connor Levi gets the big black cock of hunky Devon LeBron (1)

Connor Levi gets the big black cock of hunky Devon LeBron (2)

Connor Levi gets the big black cock of hunky Devon LeBron (3)

Connor Levi gets the big black cock of hunky Devon LeBron (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Interracial Suck & Fuck-Fest Results In Jason Mike Getting An Ass-Load Of Hot Spunk! HD

I knew that a lot of you were in desperate need of some gay interracial bareback, and a few of the members had been calling out for it on the site, the blog and the forum too, so when I saw this new Staxus gallery arrive yesterday I immediately knew that a lot of you guys would be voting it up and commenting on it.

And wow, what comments! Amazing and gushing praise is heaped on Staxus and the boys in this video, and well deserved too.

Lots of the fans totally love seeing Devon LeBron and his big black uncut cock in action on the site, and I have to say that seeing new young guy Jason Mike sucking and licking on that thing is a joy to behold. Devon doesn’t hold back on his pleasuring of his twinky young friend either, and the mutual cock gobbling they share might just have a few of you splashing out your jizz a little too early. That’s okay though, because as noelweets says in the comments, this is one for the top ten list and it will be on your faves for more wanking in the future ;)

The positions these guys share are so hot too, especially near the end. Seeing Devon pulling out to show that boys hole gaping, and then slamming his cock right back in again, well, that should have every dick in the house dribbling with juice.

And speaking of juice, you will not want to miss the gay breeding finale for this gay interracial bareback video. Devon sprays his hot cum all over Jason’s open ass, with the guys milky cum dribbling down over his taint. He slides his raw cummy cock right back in to fuck the boy some more, which has Jason wanking out his own copious cum load all over Devon’s massively thick cock!

This is one incredibly hot video. Well done to Staxus, Devon and Jason, you’ve pleased a lot of the fans with this one ;)

Jason Mike gets barebacked by Devon LeBron

Coming Soon on Staxus: An ass full of cum

I am very well aware that this scene is going to please a lot of members. We’ve had quite a few requests from people for more gay interracial videos on the Staxus site, and the arrival of Devon LeBron for this new bareback video with Jason Mike should have plenty of you stroking out some cum along to the fun ;)

Unless I’ve just managed to miss him a few times Jason is a brand new guy to the site too, and what a welcome he’s getting in this video!

Devon is probably one of the absolute best for teaching a new arrival how to take a massive cock in his ass, but then I have a feeling young Jason might not be entirely new to sitting on some over-sized knobs. Although there’s no description for this new gay interracial video just yet, the title suggests that there might be some great cum in ass action at the end of this one. That’s something we get from time to time on the site, and it’s something I’ll definitely be looking forward to when this scene arrives! ;)

Enjoy some of the pics, and make sure you stick around to see the video drop on the site too, I have a feeling this one is going to get some great votes and comments.

Devon LeBron fucks the tight twink hole of Jason Mike in this new gay interracial video (1)

Devon LeBron fucks the tight twink hole of Jason Mike in this new gay interracial video (2)

Devon LeBron fucks the tight twink hole of Jason Mike in this new gay interracial video (3)

Devon LeBron fucks the tight twink hole of Jason Mike in this new gay interracial video (4)

Featured Scenes: Most Popular Monster Cocks Videos

I have a feeling a lot of you were looking forward to seeing which of the videos in the Staxus Monster Cocks collection were in the top three. I know you could click through and discover this for yourself, but I also know that there are a lot of people reading this who are not yet members of the site – absolutely SHOCKING!

So lets take a little looksy, shall we?

3. Two Blond Angels Have One Devil Of A Time In A Spunk-Soaked Flip-Flop Fuckathon! HD

In third place we have the hung Aussie Jaxon Radoc sharing his inches and his sweet patootie with even more endowed Milan Sharp. 8 inches and 8.5 inches respectively. The mutual cock sucking could be enough to have many of your spunking out some ball juice, but you have to admit (if you’ve seen the video) that the bareback flip flop fucking is the real highlight of this scene. Oh, and lets not forget that both these boys cum a lot too, making it a wet and messy finish!

Hung twinks flip flop fucking

Hung twink boys Jaxon Radoc and Milan Sharp share some frottage fun


2. Horny Czech Twink Proves He’s Game For Some Interracial Bare Double-Cocked Fun! HD

Gay DP videos have been extremely popular over the last year, and with cute young bottoms like Milan Sharp taking every inch hung black dudes like Barrington Peart and Devon LeBron have to offer I am not at all surprised. This video sees the boy greedily taking every inch those hung guys have, sucking them both off, spitroasting, and stretching his pink little pucker around both those girthy long tools at the same time. It’s an impressive effort, and although a few of our boys have become experienced in being stretched to the limit in some big dicked porn like this he’s one of the best!

Milan gets double dicked

Milan Sharp takes two big black cocks in his pale little ass


1. Horny Shop Assistant Gets To Measure & Ride Felix Webster’s Mammoth Third Leg! HD

I had a feeling before I even checked that Felix Webster would end up in a video at the top of this collection. Although his cock size is not exactly huge at 7.5 inches, his balls are undoubtedly the biggest of all the boys. As a fan of large nut sacks, I have to say that seeing his nuts swinging a little as he sinks his cock into Zac Todd makes this video one to watch. And of course, Zac has some juicy inches of uncut cock to share too. I don’t know his dimensions, but he has a great dick!

Zac Todd gets fucked deep by Felix Webster

Felix Webster fucks the hot ass of Zac Todd


There you have it guys, the top three scenes in the Staxus Monster Cocks collection, and I think many of you would agree that these are excellent choices, made by the viewers too of course. Check out the blog a little later to see some brand new hardcore action, and I’ll be back tomorrow too to share the top three videos in the Staxus Britladz category too. I know some of you love those British twink boys as much as I do! ;)

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