He’s the hung and studly top many of you absolutely love, and his name is Devon LeBron. Ever since he arrived on the Staxus site in the summer of 2013 he’s been amazing the fans with his topping skills, and the expert manner with which he wields that rather impressive manhood hanging between his legs.

Now, I know that many of the fans and members already know plenty about him. You can just go to his model page and look through all of his videos to see the kind of action he’s famous for, after all. But there are (can you believe it) still plenty of people who arrive here to read through the posts and are not yet members! I know, they’re strange, I don’t know how someone could see these guys and the action they enjoy and NOT be a member! lol

So as this is mainly for their benefit, help us (and them) out and leave a comment if you enjoy his videos, or there’s something you think you need to tell everyone about how wonderful and hot this guys it ;)

Devon LeBron is from the Dominican Republic, and he’s a dedicated top. With a tool like that I can certainly understand it, the boys go wild for that dick and they just can’t get enough of it. It’s a good thing we have so many hungry bottoms on the site able to take all that inside them ;)

From what I’ve heard from some of the other boys Devon is a real nice guy, the kind of guy you can really hang out and have a laugh with. He’s really relaxed about sex and being a porn star, but he also knows what he has and likes to use it. Of course, even when he’s not on video he gets a lot of action, as you would too with a dick like that.

It’s not all about the cock though, he’s a talented top and he has a great body and a handsome face to go with it. He’s the full package in more ways than one!

If you’re one of those who still hasn’t seen him in a video yet, get in there and watch one of his most recent videos, I think you’ll be hooked.

Recent Appearances
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