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Featured Scenes: Most Popular Uniforms Videos

Although I enjoy all the videos and have really enjoyed sharing the top three scenes for each of the categories on the Staxus site, I have to confess that I have a special love of the Staxus Uniforms collection. I love gay uniform sex scenes, especially military themed scenes, but it seems that you guys have been choosing some of the most recent additions to this collection as your favorites ;)

3. Brad Fitt Takes A Fireside Wank Whilst His Scouting Mates Enjoy A Threeway Fuck! HD

The brand new hardcore threesome with Bryan Roico, Darryl Declan and Sven Laarson has already made it into the number three spot in this category, but I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised given how horny this bareback fuck video is. Brad Fitt makes a fleeting appearance, wanking himself off over the campfire, but the real action is the threeway fucking in the cabin as Darryl shares his big uncut cock with his two Boyscout friends. Yeah, this is a boyscout video, and I knew when I saw some of the pics of the action that you guys would be into it. If you haven’t watched this one yet you should get in there and take a look.

A boyscout threesome with big juicy dicks

Three horny bareback boys share their cocks in this hot Boyscout threesome


2. Spit-Roasting Clerics Get Down & Dirty For An Ass-Stretching, Cum-Pumping Threesome! HD

A lot of the religious themed scenes have clearly hit their mark with the members of the site in recent weeks, and this tasty trio was a surefire hit from the moment the gallery arrived. Big-balled Felix Webster is sharing his hard uncut dick with gorgeous boys Troy Stevenson and Will Sims for this melee of mutual sucking and fucking, and of course it’s going to end with a lot of cum splashing around. All three of these gorgeous performers really delivered in this video, and I think that judging from all the comments and the votes most of the site members would agree.

Religious porn gets incredibly horny at Staxus!

Troy Stevenson rides Felix Webster while Will Sims sucks his cock


1. Will Sims Takes Every Inch Of His Red-Haired Buddy’s Mammoth-Sized Ging Gang Goolie! HD

Sweet Will Sims and hung Darryl Declan are back again for the top spot in the Staxus Uniforms collection, and it’s another awesome scene in the Boyscout theme as Will gorges himself on his friends mammoth dick. Darryl isn’t likely to miss out on some cock sucking either, and mutual cock gobbling is surely enough to have many of you holding back your cum shot for more before you eventually spew it out. And you would be well rewarded for you patience and stamina too, with young Will sliding his sweet young ass down on that impressive dick and taking it for a ride that can only end with lots of jizz pumping out!

Greedy twink bottom gets a big uncut cock

Will Sims sucks on the big uncut cock of Darryl Declan

There you go guys, we’ve come to the end of the Staxus categories and I’ve shared the top three videos in each over the last week and a half. I think you guys can see that we all have impeccable taste on the site, and I firmly believe that most of us would have probably chosen the same videos to be in the top of each collection too.

Stick around for some new hardcore action tonight with a new gay interracial video starring Connor Levi and Devon LeBron!

Featured Scenes: Most Popular Outdoors Videos

We’re almost at the end of our look through the top three videos in all the Staxus categories, but I know this one and the last are going to interest a lot of you horny guys out there. While we’re mostly all wrapping up warm and turning up the heating right now, soon we’ll be back in summer and the opportunities for some hot outdoor gay porn scenes will arise once more, and I know the guys at Staxus have a few plans up their sleeves.

So, check out the three top videos in the Staxus Outdoors collection and take a look at the galleries and videos if you haven’t seen them already. There’s some great action in this collection!

3. Brad Fitt Gets Oodles Of Jizz In His Ass Thanks To A Balcony-Fuck From A Hot, Horny Stud! HD

Last summer we saw some excellent hardcore videos arrive in this Outdoor category, and I am not in the least bit surprised to see this one in there. The hunky and immensely studly Rudy Bodlak teamed up with the gorgeous bottom boy Brad Fitt for an amazing outdoor fuck scene that had cocks all over the world spurting out plenty of juice. You know both these guys are extremely talented when it comes to performing, so you should expect a lot of great action in this one as Rudy literally picks up the boy and carries him with his dick in his ass! I was impressed with this one, and I know you will be too if you haven’t seen it yet.

Rudy Bodlak barebacks Brad Fitt

Tight twink Brad Fitt rides the hard muscle cock of Rudy Bodlak


2. Connor Levi’s Bareback Pool Adventure Proves Scorching Hot As He Sucks & Fucks Hunky Pal’s Dick!

Want some more of the gorgeous muscled hunk Rudy? No problem, he’s back again in the second position in the Staxus Outdoors collection, and this time it’s the very lucky young British bottom Connor Levi taking every inch of that delicious uncut cock in his ass and being pounded to a cum load. The setting is gorgeous, as it was in the last one too, filmed in the Italian countryside. It’s the kind of place I would love to be, and especially with the stunning Rudy plowing in and out of my ass too ;)

Muscled hottie Rudy fucks British bottom Conno

Connor Levi gets the hard and raw uncut cock of Rudy Bodlack


1. Brokeback Revisited As Big-Gunned Casey Gives His Pal A Hard Raw Pounding! HD

Although I was almost expecting to see muscle guy Rudy back again for the top spot, we actually have another ripped hunk appearing in the number one gay outdoor porn video. Check out this stunning scene with the absolutely breathtaking Dick Casey, easing his naked cock into the sweet ass of young performer Jason Mike. I actually though Jason was a new guy when he popped up again recently, but this video shows that he’s no stranger to getting some great big dick in his ass. It’s another excellent scene from the collection and I can certainly understand why you guys voted it up into the top spot. It’s on my faves list too and I’ve wanked out more than one cum load watching Dick slide his juicy manmeat into that boys ass!

Muscled boy Dick Casey barebacks Jason Mike

Jason Mike takes a hardcore plowing from Dick Casey in this outdoor gay porn video

So there we go boys, the top three gay outdoor porn scenes on Staxus, and I know you guys are probably fans of every lad appearing in these ones. You would have to be mad not to enjoy this kind of amazing hardcore.

There’s a lot more gay outdoor hardcore to enjoy this summer, I know the guys in the office have been working on a few ideas for new scenes and the moment the sun comes out and the weather becomes nice again those gorgeous young men will be out there wanking, sucking and fucking out some cum loads for us all to enjoy ;)

I know I’m looking forward to that, and I’m pretty sure you all are too!

Weekly Recap: Hung uncut cock, flip-flop fucking, a wet and messy threesome and some muscle jock sex!

Well, hasn’t it been a busy week of awesome action on the Staxus site? We’re coming to the end of the religiously themed hardcore we’ve been seeing of late, but it definitely ended with a bang. And now we’ve also been seeing some sporty and defined action that I think is leading to more.

I’ll start off the recap with one of the horniest scenes in the religious theme, seeing hung and uncut new guy Darryl Declan sinking his naked inches into the welcoming butt of Brad Fitt. It seems that a lot of you appreciated that video as much as I did, especially the wet and splashing cum load Darryl delivered at the end of it. If you haven’t watched it yet, click through for some more pics and then check out the video ;)

Hung uncut cock inside a hot tight little ass at Staxus! (1)

Something else that got my attention this past week was the flip-flop fucking video starring Connor Levi and Oscar Roberts. I know some of you were waiting to see Connor sharing his cock with a boy for this collection of interview scenes, and we finally got it in the best way possible with both the boys taking some dick in their smooth little butts!

Two twink British boys share their cocks and bareback holes in a new Staxus video (3)

I found another scene in a little further back on the site this week that I know would have had a lot of you guys jacking out your cum loads too. It was a really wet and messy threesome session with a boy sucking on a whole lot of cock before being splashed with cum and piss by his two dominant buddies. Some guys aren’t into the watersports fun, but it’s worth seeing for all the cock gobbling and cum dumping.

Ted Burke, Glen Hart and Rick Carter share cum and piss in this oral threesome (4)

Finally I have to share with you one of the hottest scenes I’ve watched recently, with Bryan Roico imagining up a horny muscle jock fuck between Damien Dickey and Attila Rush. I love seeing defined hunks like them sucking and wanking their cocks, but seeing Damien claiming that big guys ass and making him cum before dumping his load on his big chest was so hot I had to watch it more than once. Check out some of the pics if you haven’t seen them yet!

Attila Rush slammed by Damien Dickey in a new muscle fuck video at Staxus (1)

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more from the muscled and defined sporty guys in the coming few weeks, and I’m really looking forward to it. The religious theme was good, especially seeing hung Darryl enjoying his first outings on the site, but I think it’s time for some new themes and hardcore. Bring it on, my dick is waiting! ;)


New Scene on Staxus: Sex and conspiracy HD

I think we’ve reached the end of the religious theme on the Staxus site, but what a wild (and interesting) ride it’s been! I might be proven wrong with a new scene this week, but I think this one with Brad Fitt and the hung and uncut Darryl Declan is the finale. Or, at least it seems that way.

I shared some photos from this one yesterday, and I know a lot of the guys have been watching it. It’s a real hot scene too, but I think that’s to be expected when you have greedy bottom Brad Fitt taking it in the ass. And of course, it’s a big dick he’s taking in this one too, which just makes it even hornier to watch.

Whether you get greedy and love big uncut cocks like this, or whether size doesn’t really bother you, I know you will be impressed by the sight of those naked inches plunging in and out of Brad’s smooth little ass. How could anyone not be almost hypnotized by the sight of that pink meat performing?

Something else I have to mention is the cum load at the end of this video… it’s not always true that a hung and uncut cock that juicy delivers a big load of semen, but in Darryl’s case he really does cum a huge wad! I love seeing real big cum loads like that, and it’s just another reason to adore the red headed hung hottie.

Bread loves that juice too, taking plenty of it right in his mouth ;)

It’s a great scene, one I think I’ll be coming back to more than a few times in the future.

Hung and uncut Darryl cums a lot in this hardcore scene

Coming Soon on Staxus: Sex and conspiracy

New guy Darryl Declan’s hung uncut cock is truly a sight to behold, and it seems young Brad Fitt is equally enamored with that hefty tool in this new scene about to arrive on the Staxus site.

We’ve been loving the religiously themed hardcore on the site recently, and this new addition is certainly going to have many of you furiously beating that dick and spewing some cum to the action.

The story is continuing, with monk Darryl finalizing his plans to seize control. He has a few allies in the monastery ready to help him, and I guess that awesome hung uncut cock of his is all the reward they need. Brad is one of his most trusted allies, so it’s only right that Darryl reward him for his loyalty by feeding him that immense shaft and sliding it up into his tight and smooth butt.

I know there are a few greedy guys out there reading this, and you often comment on the scenes with those big juicy dicks in them, so I am absolutely sure that you’ll all be on this video the moment it arrives.

I can tell you, from looking at these photos of what the boys get up to, I’ll be wanking out more than one cumshot to this ;)

Hung uncut cock inside a hot tight little ass at Staxus! (1)

Hung uncut cock inside a hot tight little ass at Staxus! (2)

Hung uncut cock inside a hot tight little ass at Staxus! (3)

Hung uncut cock inside a hot tight little ass at Staxus! (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Fucked hard on the floor HD

I didn’t think it was possible, but it seems the religiously themed hardcore on the Staxus site has reached another level of complete and utter horniness with this gay bareback threesome!

It seems that all the kinky fun young Sven Laarson has been enjoying has resulted in him being excommunicated. That must be a real risk for cock-hungry monks like him, but he doesn’t really seem to be too concerned about it.

New twink star Darryl Declan is the one delivering the news of his misfortune (or, perhaps, the news of his freedom) and Sven wastes little time enjoying his new status. It appears that Darryl is interested in exactly why Sven is in the position he’s now in, leaning in for a kiss and soon rubbing his big uncut cock against Sven’s always-hard shaft!

Mutual sucking and some truly hot bareback ensues, with Darryl sinking his lengthy shaft into Sven and fucking him from behind, and on the floor. When fresh-faced Brad arrives (the perfect priest!) and finds them going at it he can’t wait to invite himself to the party.

That’s when the fun truly begins, with both boys positioning their cocks side-by-side and Sven sliding down on both, getting a deep and thick DP session. I know we’ve had a lot of DP porn over the last six months, but this has to be one of the horniest gay bareback threesome scenes of all.

An incredible double cum facial from Darryl and Brad has Sven spitting cum and spewing his own wad from his wanked cock!

I knew this scene was going to be popular, and it’s being voted up and commented on by some of the members right now. If you haven’t watched it yet then you should click through to enjoy the show ;)

Brad Fitt and Darryl Declan both fuck the tight ass of Sven Laarson

Coming Soon on Staxus: Fucked hard on the floor

I’ve just been looking through the new gallery on the Staxus site and I am definitely looking forward to this bareback gay DP scene arriving on the site soon. It not only stars a couple of the most adored twink boys on the site, but it looks as though we get to see a brand new boy sharing Sven Laarson’s tight little ass with Brad Fitt.

Darryl Declan is the new boy, with more than a generous helping of thick uncut cock to share with the boys. I don’t know much about him yet other than what’s on his profile page, but it says there that he wants to be a personal trainer, and that he had a friend when he was younger who always wanted to wank and suck on that big cock of his.

I think we all agree that we would love to play with that delicious looking shaft too, right? ;)

He’s appearing in one of the religiously themed scenes on the site, sharing cock with Brad and Sven, and teaming up to share that snug ass as he and Brad cram their cocks into their friend.

I’m really hoping they kept a lot of that sucking in the video too, with the boys bending over and simultaneously sucking on Sven’s hard cock while their dicks are in his ass.

One of the best photos from this bareback gay DP video is the sight of Darryl sucking on Sven’s cock while his own shaft is in the boys hole!

Stay tuned for this video, I have a feeling a lot of you will be cumming hard when this one arrives.

Brad Fitt and Darryl Declan double fuck Sven Laarson in a bareback threesome (1)

Brad Fitt and Darryl Declan double fuck Sven Laarson in a bareback threesome (2)

Brad Fitt and Darryl Declan double fuck Sven Laarson in a bareback threesome (3)

Brad Fitt and Darryl Declan double fuck Sven Laarson in a bareback threesome (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Blake gets cuffed, covered in hot wax and fucked HD

Even if you’ve never been that into kinky gay sex videos before, this one might have you thinking about this a little more. It’s the newest video on the Staxus site, and although I have never really been too into all the bondage, blindfolds and waxing before I think I might have to invest a little money and try out some things. I think I’ll start with buying some big ass Church candles! lol

I shared some photos from the gallery for this new video yesterday before it arrived, and now that it has I definitely need to tell you what you’re gonna get with this one.

Brad Fitt (the gorgeous superstar of the Staxus site that we all absolutely adore) is back alongside Connor Levi (another hottie we love to see appearing) to interview new arrival Blake Hanson.

Although they can find out a lot about him from this friendly chat, Brad has a way to get right to it and find out just how suitable he is for the position. And when I say position, I mean on is back, restrained, enjoyed and made to cum a juicy load!

This is one of the most interesting kinky gay sex videos I think we’ve had on the site for a while, not about being rough and mean, just about being sexy and experimenting with some new things. Enjoy the video and make sure you leave a vote and a comment on it for the guys to see ;)

Blake Hanson gets a horny welcome from Brad Fitt

Coming Soon on Staxus: Blake gets cuffed, covered in hot wax and fucked bareback

Have you ever wondered what it might be like for a new boy arriving to be interviewed at Staxus before making it to the screen? I guess some of you have, but even though this is a horny fantasy I’m pretty sure they don’t vet their guys the way Brad Fitt chooses to check out new guy Blake Hanson in this hardcore kinky twink porn scene ;)

Or maybe this is exactly what happens when a new boy arrives to start his career and gets a hot interview, who knows? lol

I certainly wouldn’t mind being treated like this by young Brad, welcoming a new performer to the ranks with some hands-on experience right from the start. After talking to Brad and interviewer Connor Levi the handsome young man is taken to the bedroom where he’s quickly handcuffed to the bed and his cock given some well deserved attention.

Brad is after more than that though, and with the boy blindfolded and gagged, he gets to work on that hot ass and suck on Blake’s cock, then gets some hot wax dripping all over his naked body. Finally, fucking is what gets them to end of their session, with Brad showing the new boy how to take a fuck from a kinky twink like him and how to deliver a tasty load of juice.

The video is coming soon for this one, and I have a feeling you guys are going to be repeatedly coming back to check if it’s dropped yet, I will be lol

Kinky twink Brad Fitt fucks new performer Blake Hanson (1)

Kinky twink Brad Fitt fucks new performer Blake Hanson (2)

Kinky twink Brad Fitt fucks new performer Blake Hanson (3)

Kinky twink Brad Fitt fucks new performer Blake Hanson (4)

New Scene on Staxus: A celebratory gang bang HD

I was wondering whether I should call this a twink orgy or not, because I don’t think Kris Wallace or Benjamin Dunn could really be called twinks, could they? Either way this is one hardcore orgy video that should be on the faves list of every Staxus member within a week. I know we have quite a few gay gang bang videos on the site already, but this one really impressed me.

I think it has a lot to do with all the boys involved in this one, they really got together some of the hottest boys and the best performers to share their dicks in a mess of sucking and bareback fucking. The action would be good with any group of guys, but the fact that so many of the Staxus stars are in this one makes is a twink orgy worthy of plenty of appreciative cum shots!

All of the boys are amazing in this scene, but I think the award for best participant has to go to Kris Wallace. I might be biased already considering I think he’s one of the most gorgeous guys of all, but the way he greedily handles all that cock and gets himself right in the middle of the action over and over again really impressed me.

I’ve often wondered what I would be like in an orgy like this, and I like to think I would be as involved and hungry for cock as he is all the way through it ;)

A new twink orgy video at Staxus

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