I think we’ve reached the end of the religious theme on the Staxus site, but what a wild (and interesting) ride it’s been! I might be proven wrong with a new scene this week, but I think this one with Brad Fitt and the hung and uncut Darryl Declan is the finale. Or, at least it seems that way.

I shared some photos from this one yesterday, and I know a lot of the guys have been watching it. It’s a real hot scene too, but I think that’s to be expected when you have greedy bottom Brad Fitt taking it in the ass. And of course, it’s a big dick he’s taking in this one too, which just makes it even hornier to watch.

Whether you get greedy and love big uncut cocks like this, or whether size doesn’t really bother you, I know you will be impressed by the sight of those naked inches plunging in and out of Brad’s smooth little ass. How could anyone not be almost hypnotized by the sight of that pink meat performing?

Something else I have to mention is the cum load at the end of this video… it’s not always true that a hung and uncut cock that juicy delivers a big load of semen, but in Darryl’s case he really does cum a huge wad! I love seeing real big cum loads like that, and it’s just another reason to adore the red headed hung hottie.

Bread loves that juice too, taking plenty of it right in his mouth ;)

It’s a great scene, one I think I’ll be coming back to more than a few times in the future.

Hung and uncut Darryl cums a lot in this hardcore scene