The scenes from director John Smith’s movie “In the Ass of the Father” are currently being released on the Staxus site. It’s quite a controversial movie and some people even believe we have touched subjects that should not have been touched.

John’s upcoming movie is maybe even more controversial, so we might need to put a warning on the scenes for those who are easily offended.

Since we love to share what we are working on with our members and fans, here’s a softcore intro for the upcoming movie “Raw Tourist Trap“. The ‘trouble’ begins when Johny Cruz visits a cemetery. Before he realizes he isn’t the only visitor, it’s too late… 

Sexy young hunk Benjamin Dunn has returned and shows a side of him you haven’t seen before. I won’t reveal the entire cast just yet, but I can also share that newcomers Sam Williams and Richie Hajek will make their debut in this movie.