It’s time for another hot Staxus model feature for you guys to drool over, and I think a lot of you might have been waiting to find out more about Dick Casey for a while now.

What you might not know is that Dick Casey is actually a fire fighter in real life. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not too common to see guys in such a profession appearing in gay porn – but we have one! lol

Now, if you can get the image of him in uniform – or stripping out of it – out of your heads for just a few moments, I can share a little more about this gorgeous young man…

First of all it has to be said that he’s a joy to work with. This young man is all about putting on a hot show, and he gets so into the action in every scene too. We have loads of gorgeous young guys who are so much fun and so nice to work with, but Dick Casey is probably in the top ten for boys all the other guys want to play with in a video. I think it’s fair to say that we get a lot of guys signing up to appear in our videos because of him. But you’d jump at the chance to get in a shoot with him too, right?

He’s so good looking, he’s the kind of boy who gets attention whenever he walks into a club, especially now. He gets recognized almost everywhere he goes on a night out, and you know you’d be paying him some attention if you saw him standing at the bar somewhere too. lol

I was asking a few of the other guys what it is about him that they love so much, and the answers were pretty much what I was thinking too. They commented on his looks, especially his “come to bed” eyes, his tight and lean body, his pale and perfect butt… the top thing about him, however, was that juicy uncut cock and how delicious it is. You can’t deny that he has a thoroughly impressive dick, thick enough to really fill you up and with a tasty head you could suck on for days. And when Dick Casey cums, he doesn’t just dribble his load out, he squirts an impressive geyser of ball-juice over and over!

So apart from the physical, he’s a Scorpio, and if you know about the traits of Scorpio men it’s probably not so surprising he’s one of the hottest Staxus models. Scorpio guys are apparently very loyal, and extremely passionate too. But with that comes a determination and stubbornness that often leads them into successful careers in whatever they do. At only 20 years old, he’s already got a career ahead of him in the gay porn business, and as a fire fighter too. I think it’s obvious that he’s going to do extremely well!

He’s already appeared in some really awesome hardcore videos and photo shoots for Staxus, and there’s going to be a lot more to come too. There’s a long list of horny guys who can’t wait to get sucking on that cock and taking a hard fucking from this boy!

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