I regularly order pizza for myself, being a home worker it’s just far easier to order in after a day at my desk. I’ve seen some damn fine young men come to my door to deliver my goods, and I have to admit that a couple of times I’ve thought about this stereotypical gay porn theme in such moments. Of course, life is not a porn movie, so I already know it’s unlikely I’ll ever get the cock of ass of a pizza delivery guy.

I would give it a hell of a good try if Chris Cool was the boy coming to my door, though!

Brian Brower is pretty shameless when it comes to flirting. He’s already in his underwear, obviously hard and horny and ready for action when he invites the delivery boy in.

Surprisingly, there’s no pretense about not having money to pay for his pizza, as you might have expected. No, it’s all far more straightforward than that as Brian gets his cock out and shows the handsome young man his meat.

My practical mind laments the fact that the pizza is left to go cold after only a couple of bites, but there is something far more delicious on offer after all. Brian gets his big uncut dick sucked by cute young Chris, then it’s his turn as Brian licks out the boy’s hole and proceeds to plunge his dick into him!

It has to be said that this is some rampant and energetic fucking from Brian, this boy really doesn’t hold back when he’s horny and the sight of him pounding his dick in and out of his new friend is likely to leave you a little breathless!

Chris can really take a pounding, enjoying that cock in various positions until neither can stop their cream from gushing out, right into each others’ mouths!

Check out some of the pics and click through for the full video, this is one classic video that should have more than a few of you joining in with your own loads. And remember this scene the next time a cute delivery guy arrives at your door, maybe you’ll have better luck than I do lol

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