I knew this time would come. I knew I would have to confront the issue and tell all of you a little about what’s going on with the site and some of the changes that are coming our way in the coming months. I can’t tell you everything I know (and I don’t know half of it) but I can update you all a little.

First of all, the Forum was only going to be down for a little while, but having looked at things a little it became clear that another larger plan was possible, something that would improve the site much more and give all the fans a lot more opportunity to interact and be more social. It’s hard to explain, but when the forum was taken down temporarily something else came to light that would give all the members something better, so the Staxus team is working on that right now.

This is much larger than just a slight redesign of the forum, and it’s something that I am definitely looking forward to seeing when all is eventually revealed. The guys don’t want to rush anything and do something half-arsed, if you know what I mean, so we need to have a little patience and let them get on with it.

The down time we’ve seen on the site and blog over the last week or so have nothing to do with this either. The blog was down initially due to a bug that needed fixing, and the site was down for a little while yesterday because the guys in the office found a problem with the content delivery that needed an urgent fix.

So, there’s some of the gossip, and a little teasing about what’s coming for the fans. You guys know you can still all chat away on the site under all of the videos and the galleries, and here on the blog too. I’m always interested in seeing what you guys have to say, so if you feel compelled to comment on a post here and there, please do ;)