So I mentioned earlier that I had some gossip, and this is a real horny piece of Staxus gossip that will probably have quite a few of you considering the possibilities!

I have to say that although I usually get all my gossip from the Staxus office and my secret undercover spy (okay, he’s not THAT secret any more lol) this little nugget of info started out on the Staxus Forum, with moomin asking about the possibility of being hired to work behind the scenes…

Can you guess where this is going?

The guys in the office are always thinking of new ways to reward the die-hard fans of the site, and there are already a lot of things being planned for this year when it comes to competitions and some great prizes. But it seems that one of the horniest developments this year is going to be the chance for you – YES, YOU! – to be on set, or in a special fan camp, surrounded by fellow horny followers and some of the stars of the studio too.

There’s not much information on this right now, but the guys on the forum are talking about it and it sounds hot as hell to me. Having been on the set of more than one hardcore movie myself in the past, I can definitely say that you guys should jump all over this like a nun at a Chippendales show! lol

If you’re not getting involved in the forum by now then this should have you checking it out. I believe this might only be open to members of the forum and those who actively participate (although don’t take my word for that, it’s still early days in the planning!) So get in there and start giving your opinions on things, and before you know it you might be enjoying a day or a weekend out with the Staxus guys and enjoying  the experience of being behind the scenes yourself!