Happy Friday everyone! I hope some of you are going out tonight to enjoy yourselves. I am planning a trip down the pub for a few drinks with some friends of mine, and I’m hoping to hook up with someone I haven’t seen for a few months too. But in the meantime I’m enjoying some of the action on the Staxus site and getting off on the hardcore twink cum sharing in this video ;)

I’ve been going through some of the videos on the site and watching some of the hottest bareback scenes when I came across this twink cum sharing shoot with George Basten and Tony Koch. I had to enjoy a little cock stroke along to the show.

There’s something special in this video for all the guys who love some great 69 action. Check it out as George Basten almost does push ups over the hard uncut cock of his buddy Tony Koch!

Another thing about this shoot that a lot of you will really enjoy is the positions these two boys get into. They try whatever they can think of in this scene, and the close up action shot as George Basten’s solid cock eases into Tony’s ass is not to be missed either.

As you probably expect from the title, there’s a lot of horny twink cum sharing to end this scene. Check out the pics and watch the video on the site. It’s in the “Raw” collection and you can find it pretty quickly by running a search on “cum flying everywhere” ;)

Hardcore Twink Cum Sharing (1)

Hardcore Twink Cum Sharing (2)

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