Okay guys, I did promise you that this weekend we would have some great info and pics to share with you, and plenty of hot news from the Staxus offices about what you can expect to see happening over the coming months. I know this is gonna have a lot of you as excited as I am! *does a happy chair dance* lol

We have some sneaky peeks at some of the new scenes arriving coming up in the next post this evening, so stick around for pics. But in the meantime I have some news that has been shared with me…

I know you love outdoor gay fucking in your videos. It’s one of the most popular categories I think. And although it has been neglected for a little while now, they’re looking at kicking this off again in the next few months as the weather gets warmer (fingers crossed!) Lets face it, outdoor gay fucking is only hot if the boys have dicks, we don’t want them getting frostbite in their danglies and bits falling off of them! And, lets not forget that even a little dip in temperature can made a 9″ cock look like a 2″ widget lol

So that’s why we haven’t seen a whole lot going on in that Outdoor category. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for the new scenes!

And speaking of new scene ideas, how would you like to make some suggestions of your own? There’s a new section in the Staxus Forum where you can do just that. If you’re one of those guys who lays awake at night picturing a horny scene with some of your favourite stars, then get in there and start sharing them, and you could see them come to life on video! You don’t have to be a member of the main Staxus site to be on the forum, creating an account on there is free, so get in there and lets see what you can come up with. Please consider budgets though, and be realistic. We’re not gonna get Jason Statham playing the role of a captured spy being gang fucked, and there is no chance of filming an orgy in the Vatican either! lol

Finally, but certainly not least, we have some new models arriving on the Staxus site in the coming weeks and months that you will definitely be falling for. We have a feast of hot new boys lined up for you including Alec Palk, Alexander Syden (you saw him getting fucked in the last Behind The Scenes film), Josh Adams, Alexis Alday and more too. I know, you’re hard just thinking about it, me too ;)

Stay tuned to the blog a little longer, because you’re gonna get some great pics very soon of some of the new scene coming your way. You will not want to miss them!