So I was going to refrain from commenting on anyone’s comments for a while, but the positivity around this new scene with gorgeous young twink stars Enzo Sky and Zach Hansen has kind of encouraged me to share some of these opinions on the blog for those who might not have seen this video yet. So, if you’re just passing by or you’re a member who hasn’t watched this excellent bareback scene with Enzo and new boy Zach take a look at what some of the members have been saying…


What did the fans think of Enzo Sky & Zach Hansen 1

Ah, but did we? This was only the Raw Medics 1 series, we have Raw Medics 2 to enjoy coming up very soon too. It seems as though the fans have really quite enjoyed this medically themed action, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of it.


What did the fans think of Enzo Sky & Zach Hansen 2

Thanks for the feedback on that, I think it might be something the Staxus team will be looking at in the future, perhaps as a special release? It might even be fun to have some themed compilations of the best action in each area. We could have a compilation of the best outdoor sex, the best oral, the best cum shots, the best anal play, the best toy session… there’s so many opportunities there and it might be something to look at.


What did the fans think of Enzo Sky & Zach Hansen 3

I think you’re going to be plenty of both of these boys coming up, but after seeing them in this scene I would definitely love to watch them together again in another setting or theme. Perhaps we’ll get that a little later this year? Did you really think the theme and the story was boring though? I thought it was quite fun :)


What did the fans think of Enzo Sky & Zach Hansen 4

It seems the presence of a speculum does it for plenty of the viewers, so perhaps this is something that can be explored a little more in the future. I do wonder where they get all their props from though, and I would love to see the warehouse where they store all of their costumes and props too! lol


What did the fans think of Enzo Sky & Zach Hansen 5I know that this is something which needs a little attention. It has kind of slipped by the wayside just a little over the last few months and I know we need to catch up on filling out the models bio pages. I know they are aware of it at Staxus HQ, so hopefully they’ll be able to complete these soon and gey every boys profile page completed.

Thanks for the comments on this video guys, I’m glad so many of you enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing the Raw Medics 2 series after this one, it’s going to be great! :)