Okay guys, so you might remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned that there was going to be some changes to the Staxus site in the coming weeks. Well, you’ve already seen some changes on the blog with the addition of the new gossip posts, and the weekly round-up posts at the weekend too.

We’ve also had some changes on the main site, with a new tour being added to give visitors a little more cock action. And we’ve seen the model pages being developed to tell you some more about many of our European boys.

But the forum is something I think a lot of you guys are really looking forward to, and today I had a sneaky preview of the good stuff ;)

It’s looking cool right now, with just a few more changes to go and a couple of things to be added. Then they’ll be opening up the flood gates and letting you all in. This is not just going to be for members of the Staxus site either. If you’re a fan and haven’t subscribed to the action yet you can still join the Staxus forum and get chatting with the other fans there.

I think there are also plans to get some more behind-the-scenes stuff on there too, and I know a couple of of the Staxus boys are looking forward to getting in there and talking to you all.

I’m not the only one looking forward to this, right? ;)

Stay tuned for more, and sign up to the newsletter too if you want to make sure you don’t miss the launch!