Are you ever been reminded of a hot boy you knew when you see a lad on the Staxus site? I’ve had that happen to me a few times now, and it happened again to me this evening when I was watching these two gorgeous Czech twinks sharing their uncut cocks with each other in this immense bareback session.

The more muscled boy on the right in the first pic looks a lot like a lad I knew when I was 19. I was still new to everything back then, but I was desperate to get some cock action going with whoever I could. I hadn’t managed to go to any gay pubs or anything by then, and I was still pretty much just wanking my cock with a couple of straight friends.

The first lad I ever sucked off looked like this gorgeous Czech twink, and he even had the same kind of slightly toned muscled body too. He hadn’t done anything with a guy either, but one rainy afternoon when we were sitting in his room and flicking through some magazines and having a wank, I just came out an asked him if he would suck my cock for me.

We joked about it for a little while, and kind of made the agreement that we would suck each other (that’s what I’d hoped for). We spent about ten minutes sucking each other off in a 69, and it was so delicious! We shot so much cum and accidentally unloaded in each others mouths too. But he was a total cock sucker and cum addict from then on, and every day we sucked the jizz from each other at lest three times.

That’s what I think about stroking my cock to the sight of these two Czech twinks sucking each other. We never got to the fucking, but I would have loved to if I’d had the chance!

Check out the pics, and maybe reminisce about someone you knew. If you want to share then feel free to leave a comment on the post. We have something special coming up for you soon that I know all you creative readers will really want to know about! ;)

See These Boys Sucking And Fucking Bareback (1)

See These Boys Sucking And Fucking Bareback (2)

See These Boys Sucking And Fucking Bareback (3)

See These Boys Sucking And Fucking Bareback (4)