I have some more Staxus gossip for you today, and it’s a pretty hot story too. I don’t know if it’s to be believed entirely, but you never know with some of the boys we have on the site. You know that some of these boys are total cock-hounds, and even when they’re on set and not actually doing anything but watching the filming some of them have to have a wank to the live show. You guys know about Rudy Valentino being one of the ones who likes to play with his dick at every opportunity ;)

Well, it seems there is another guy who likes to get some action on the side too. I won’t name names, but we have one guy who considers himself straight when he’s not at work (some guys see this as work, believe it or not! lol) and keeps his cock on cock play for when he’s in front of the cameras. Or at least that’s what he says…

One of the other boys was on a gym themed shoot recently with this guy and when he went into the mens room he overheard some very distinctive sounds coming from a cubicle. It turns out the straight guy who keeps the cock fun dedicated to filming was sucking off a guest to the set – someone who actually worked there and was curious about what filming a scene is like. lol

I guess some guys get really into cock, even if they start out as a straight guy filming it as a job. Of course, he shall remain anonymous, as he doesn’t even know he was caught in the act ;)

Speaking of unexpected set arrivals, I have something else for you a little later, and some news on the forum too, so stay tuned for that!