Yesterday, having seen a little preview of the twink flip flop fuck we were getting today, and noting Ray’s use of an unexpected anal implement on his horny young friend, I got in touch with a buddy of mine and sought to probe him… about his use of unusual anal toys.

He was the right person to ask; I know him as a very dedicated and extremely well-experienced bottom who’s been passed around more times in one evening than a bong at Glastonbury over a full weekend.

He’s a professional of the pucker, a guru of the gooch, an analyst of all things anal! You get the idea.

I asked him of some of the things he’s used in the past or had used on him, and the list was remarkably long. It turns out that fruit and vegetables are a favorite, and having only enjoyed the delights of a modest cucumber in my curious late teens I can kind of understand why.

However, along with the usual mix of long and thick harvested items he admitted to me that he’s also used the handles of various tools in the past too, in themed fun with a blue-collar buddy or two. A hammer was used, a screwdriver, even a drill appropriately modified by a dedicated bottom just like him to take a 12 inch dildo mounted upon it – the speed limited of course.

I don’t consider myself to be a prude in any way, but I actually felt rather inexperienced and unadventurous when he told me of some of his anal fun.I

I think, for the time being at least, I’ll stick to the dildos and the butt plugs when I’m enjoying some toy play with a friend. In my opinion, tools belong in the garage or the shed, and unless there’s an adequate handyman demanding some specific attention I’m inclined to keep things clean and safe in the bedroom :)

Of course I would have to use this opportunity to mention that we have plenty of great toys which are far more effective than any tool handle or vegetable can be, and you can find them all at

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced some anal play using something unexpected, how did it go?