You know I like to find out little bits of info from the guys from time to time, and I currently have a little book of things that I need to share with you over the next month or so as the opportunities arise. I thought now might be the perfect time to tell you something I found out about Florian Mraz

You guys know we have a great video coming up tomorrow with him getting a great fucking from bareback top boy Joshua Levy, and so what better time than now to tell you about how horny this young man actually is.

He already reminded me of Alex Stevens, but even more so now.

Apparently he prepares for a day of shooting by not cumming for two days, wanking off over porn regularly and building up to day of the shoot. He’s a cock edger, getting himself so worked up that by the time he gets on set his cock is pretty much ready to start pumping cum within minutes.

That’s one of the reasons he delivers pretty big and thick loads when he cums on camera, and one of the reasons why he apparently had to stop himself from cumming about four times during the cop orgy scene we got back in September.

I think I would be the same being on set with all those gorgeous guys and their throbbing dicks.