Poor Lloyd Adams. There he is, walking down the street, minding his own business … when (pow!) out of the blue he’s accosted by Matthias Mann, a gruff army veteran who’s just looking for a twink playmate with whom to act out his perverted fantasies – which in this instance involves tying the blond youngster up in his basement and then asking his thick, meaty shaft down the boy’s throat.

Not that Adams seems to display a great deal of resistance to these uninvited advances, it has to be said; indeed, given the boner that he’s showing when Mann finally tears away his last shred of self-respect (i.e. his pants!) it’s apparent that the boy is enjoying himself just a little bit more than he’d possibly like to admit. Whether he takes any pleasure, however, from the abuse that ensues – in the form of a hard whipping and a fuck from the whip handle – is another matter entirely; though we defy anyone not to savour the feel of Mann’s hard cock up their arse, and certainly Adams produces quite a generous wad of jizz in apparent appreciation.

All the same, this is very much a top’s scene – a point highlighted by Mann’s blast of cream all over Adams’ face!

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