Dear Staxus members,

In the past few days we have received some tickets, mostly from people in the New York area, complaining about slow download and streaming speed. Since we haven’t received any complaints from Europe, Japan, Australia and the West Coast of US, only from the East Coast, we are convinced the problem is caused by the power losses due to the hurricane Sandy.

We are using a CDN (content delivery network) to deliver our content across the globe. In short, we upload a video on our server in Amsterdam then that is automatically picked up and cloned across various and multiple servers across the world. This way if you are from New York, you will download or stream from a New York server copy of the file, instead of transferring directly from Amsterdam (that would cause slower speed).

However because there are serious power problems on the East Coast, some of you cannot connect to their local servers and are forced to download / stream from the main hub in Amsterdam. This is causing very slow speeds and discomfort in using the site.

We are working as hard as we can with the CDN to get these problems fixed but please try to understand nature is something we cannot control and we hope to restore full download and streaming speeds for all our American loyal members.

If you are experiencing slower speeds than usual, please don’t hesitate to contact us by using our Customer Support site:

We apologize for these problems and we are working around the clock to get them fixed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone that has been affected by the storm.

Kind regards,