So, I promised something a little different for the end of this week, and as we’re very nearly at the end of 2013 I thought it was only right that we look back over the last twelve months and that I pick out some of the highlights. These are just a few of the best videos and hottest new guys to have arrived on the Staxus site over the last twelve months, but I think many of you will agree with these moments of Staxus glory!

Gay DP videos made a massive comeback on the site over the last year, with so many hot examples I can barely count them all. We’ve seen a growing collection of hot scenes with gorgeous greedy boys getting more than one cock in their ass, and I have a feeling that’s going to continue.

I think one of the best examples we had of that this year was the scene with Tim Walker impaling his ass on the raw uncut cocks of Benjamin Dunn and Neo Matthews. It had a lot of votes and a lot of the members watched it, leaving comments to share how good they thought it was. I agree with them too, it was seriously hot!

Tim Walker gets double the cock in this gay DP video! (4)

Something else that was very notable this year was seeing Dick Casey bottoming. I know this really got the attention of a lot of the members when the first scene arrived, with him and Adam Brooke flip flop fucking. Some thought that it might have been a one-off, or that he just wanted to add bottoming to his experiences on the site, but since then Dick has been back countless times to get some more cock in his ass, and he’s really been getting off hard on being fucked too.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this video of the two flip flop fucking is the highest rated video this year!

Check out the post from when the video arrived back at the beginning of October.

Dick Casey gets fucked on video by twink boy Adam Brooke

We saw some amazing developments in the filming and production of Staxus videos too, and a couple of things really have to be mentioned here. First of all, the use of drones to get some sweeping aerial shots in their scenes filmed in the Italian villa was amazing and definitely deserves to be mentioned. I think that clever use of tech has come back more times since too, and it’s interesting that once again Staxus seems to have been at the leading edge of using it for some great opening sequences and transitions.

It also has to be said that we’ve seen some truly amazing quality filming over the last year too, with new action in the summer filmed in perfect settings, with excellent angles and some very artistic delivery. I know there are a lot of members who don’t pay attention to those little details, but some of us know that they all add up to make an excellent scene or movie and we do appreciate the effort.

I can’t have a post like this without mentioning some of the biggest new arrivals on the site this year either!

Gorgeous Adrian Smallwood arrived in August to start gaining fans, Sven Laarson arrived in July with a prison fuck, hot Aussie boy Jaxon Radoc appeared in the same month to fuck Connor Levi, handsome jock boy Paul Walker appeared in November with a locker room video, and there’s plenty more besides too. There have been a few fleeting appearances by other boys that we hope to have back, but there really have been some remarkably hot and horny young guys coming back again and again this year.

Another popular arrival this year came in the form of the Staxus Forum. I was let in on this little secret a little while before it was opened to the public, and I knew you guys would love it. We’ve seen performers talking to the fans, the directors asking for ideas and feedback, discussions about new models and sneaky looks at some of action to come too.

It’s really become a great focal point for the site with hundreds of members all discussing and sharing ideas, or just reading through what everyone else is talking about. It’s one of those great added extras for all the real fans, and you should take a look and sign up yourself if you haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The Staxus Forum

We’re not quite at the end of 2013 just yet, and there is a little more hardcore to come before we’re heading into 2014, but I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait to see what’s coming.