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New Scene On Staxus: Cock-Crazed Slut Works His Tattooed Beau To A Kinky Climax! HD

April 22, 2018

You may call me odd, but one of the first things I noticed while watching (and wanking to!) the latest STAXUS porn flick with Ron Negba and Abir Tevel was the black rug they have sex on. Yeah, you see why I consider myself to be a bit abnormal, because most of us fans surely focus their attention on the beautiful boys’ bodies and their...

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On Set With Mark: How twinks inspire twinks!

April 21, 2018

You surely remember that hot scene with super stars Angel Lopez and Lucas Drake from June 2017. If you don’t, I highly recommend you watch it (again), because it’s not just one of the best pairings we’ve ever seen on Staxus, but also one of the most extraordinary twink porn scenes I’ve ever seen! Why? Because filthy twink boy Lucas shoves a mobile phone up...

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Coming Soon On Staxus: Cock-hungry Ron Negba gets another dose of a big, bare cock!

April 20, 2018

I think we can all agree that there are only a few boys who are as greedy as sexy Ron Negba is when it comes to cock! That’s good news for the young lad, who experiences one good fuck after the other; and good news for us because we can enjoy another hot & bareback twink porn scene with this sweet & utterly sexy boy...

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New Scene on Staxus: Fireside Fuckers Prove A Raw Cock Hit With Lashings Of Spunk! HD

April 19, 2018

Sharing a good wank with your buddy is all that a gay boy wants. Okay, maybe it’s not all, because us boys also love to suck on each other’s swollen cocks and dip deep into our friend’s greedy holes! No matter how much fun a good wank can be, it gets better and better with every stroke your buddy does, and when you feel him...

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Enjoy the backstage movie and get a special discount for „Refugee“!

April 18, 2018

Taking a look behind the virtual curtain of the STAXUS porn set always gets me excited, mainly because I love to see how my heartthrobs and secret heroes behave and act when the official cameras are not rolling! Today, we present you with another intriguing and interesting look behind the scenes of „Refugee“, one of the most anticipated and best rated porn movies of recent...

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Coming Soon On Staxus: Horny Fire Wankers Let The Juices Flow!

April 17, 2018

One of the biggest mysteries of our times has been revealed! Vittirio’s real name is Vittorio! Haha! Looks like someone made a typo when he informed us bloggers about the impressive stud’s name, but that’s very understandable. I wouldn’t bet my cock that I was able to concentrate when someone utterly sexy like Vittorio Vega stands next to me. So, what’s much more interesting (from...

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Model Focus: Handsome boy Orri Gaul is waiting for you!

April 16, 2018

What do you find important when you check out your boys in porn scenes? Surely, they should be attractive and make you horny from the first second they appear on screen. Ideally, they do not „just“ have big dicks, tight holes and luscious lips, but also a handsome face, sexy hair and a body you could spend hours rubbing against! If you search for such...

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New Scene On Staxus: Big-Dicked Newbie Gets His Arse Stretched & His Face Spunked! HD

April 15, 2018

Who would have thought that new boy Joel Tamir has such a big, fat cock hidden in his shorts? Well, you – because you’re reading this lovely gay porn blog and keep yourself informed about all the latest additions to the growing STAXUS stable of handsome, fit foals who need to be broken in! Today is Joel’s big day, enjoying a nice, extensive massage and...

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Exclusive Interview With Gorgeous Hottie Max Grey!

April 14, 2018

Max Grey, greedy bottom and dark-haired cucumber-lover, fucked himself to number 1 (!!!) of the most popular STAXUS models, and in the process pushed such super-stars like Ray Mannix, Angel Lopez and yes, even Jaro Stone, off their thrones! After his sex scene with Vittirio Vega, we had the chance to grab this hot cutie for an interview and he was more than happy to...

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Coming Soon On Staxus: Hung newbie Joel enjoys an extensive massage and a good fuck!

April 13, 2018

Welcome back to another preview of a massage porn scene – but wait, don’t turn your screen off! Even if you think you have seen so many massage porn movies in your life and nothing can surprise you any more, this upcoming massage scene will prove you’re wrong! The reason why I am convinced that you’ll be surprised is new boy Joel Tamir, who turns...

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New Scene On Staxus: Horny New Boy Gives Teasing Blond Buddy A Hard, Meaty Bang! HD

April 12, 2018

How do you look when you cum? We all know that having an orgasm is one of the most beautiful and satisfying things in this world – maybe it IS the most beautiful and satisfying thing! – but most of us never waste a second thought about how they look like at that very special moment when you feel you are getting close. When you...

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“Fustal Flings” now available on DVD!

April 11, 2018

Those guys who create the covers for the STAXUS movies did a great job, putting exclusive sex bomb Jake Stark on the cover of the latest DVD release “Futsal Flings“! Jake’s a really handsome, blond Spaniard with a cock which will make your own hardon drool in anticipation of the hot bareback sex you’ll see on this DVD. If you like what you see on...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: New Boy Vittirio makes Ron cum really hard!

April 10, 2018

Two hot, young guys with sculpted muscles and throbbing cocks find themselves side by side in a nice, comfortable hotel room. Let’s imagine there are no other persons around, no people to check the lightning, adjust the sound or to give the boys a towel for their sweat…. Just two sexy boys in a hotel room, maybe the night before the official shooting takes place?...

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Model Focus: Nothing’s small on Adrian Smallwood!

April 10, 2018

Some model names might hit the mark, whilst others might lead to confusion. Adrian Smallwood‘s stage name is a good example to illustrate that you should always check out model pics, and not just rely on model names alone! I assume that “Smallwood” is an amalgamation of the “small” and “morning wood”, but trust me – and trust your own eyes! – nothing’s small about...

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New Scene On Staxus: Carrot-Loving Bud Gets His Arse Gaped By Stone’s Meaty Beaut! HD

April 8, 2018

What else can you say about the latest scene on other than fabulous? I find it really hard being critical in regards to the latest release on our favourite hardcore site, so let’s create a checklist and see what the movie is like: • Model quality: Two very handsome models show us their beautiful bodies – and their beautifully erect cocks as well! Jaro Stone has...

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On Set With Mark: Why Jarde’s scrambled eggs made everyone laugh!

April 7, 2018

You just can’t leave these young pups for a second alone! No matter what age, all they have in mind is to fuck and make nonsense! Mark, one of the camera men on the STAXUS set, can tell you some of those stories! Haha Well, to be precise, he told us bloggers one of those stories – and we gladly share it with you! In...

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Coming Soon On Staxus: Meat or veg? For Jaro Stone it’s an easy decision!

April 6, 2018

Could it be that we are enjoying the “put-something-up-your-butt“ season on In almost every scene some greedy boy isn’t happy with just a bare cock anymore, but instead asks for some sweet fruits, long veggies or burning stuff to spice up his foreplay. Not that I’d complaining, though! Haha It’s always nice to see young lads exploring the joys of anal entertainment, and this time...

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New Scene On Staxus: Foot-Fetish Fucker Oils Blond Buddy Up For A Hard, Waxy Bang! HD

April 5, 2018

Being typical gay guys, I think we all put things up our butts which were not actually ever supposed to be put there! When I was younger, I was so lucky to have friends I could share my dirtiest fantasies with; and once we tested our teenager limits by inserting pencils in our asses – and laughed later at school when we saw that someone...

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My Personal Top 3 Hardcore Staxus Scenes in March

April 4, 2018

We’ve had some great scenes to wank over in March – and if you lost the overview or you are desperately searching for a good video to get off with, then please feel free to check out my personal Top 3 of STAXUS’ March scenes: I think STAXUS gave us fans some great new boys over the past month, so it’s really hard to decide...

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Coming Soon: Watch Connor Rex getting off with some hot waxing stuff!

April 3, 2018

Hi guys and welcome back after what I hope has been a lovely Easter. I hope you got all the eggs you were hoping for – but don’t worry if you ate too much over the long weekend! A combination of sport and lots of sex will soon burn away all those nasty extra calories. :D Indeed, I’ll help your weight loss get off to...

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Model Focus: Those new boys will surely become your favourites!

April 2, 2018

As you know, “Model Focus” posts usually present the most gorgeous boys who became our all-time favourites. However, variety being the spice of life, I thought it might be a good idea to make a little exception; and instead of presenting you with some of the boys of the past we all know so well, give you a taste of some of the many, many...

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New Scene On Staxus: Shower Buds Spring Into The Bedroom For 69-ing & Hard Cock! HD

April 1, 2018

Those who like their boys with a bit of colour on their skin will surely rub their eyes with amazement when big dicked Abir Tevel enters the steamy, hot shower, revealing his already stiff dick and a completely new tattoo on his right arm! It’s multi-coloured, it’s big and it certainly adds a special feature to one of the newer boys here on STAXUS. I...

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Close & Personal: Take a look at Jake Stark’s private snapshots!

March 31, 2018

He’s young, he’s hung – and his smile makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside: Jake Stark is very close to what I would call Mr. Perfect. The only thing missing in that respect is that he’s not my boyfriend! Haha I admit it, I’ve got a little crush on that sexy blond Spaniard who entered my life this year with his first appearance...

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Coming Soon: Jarde first enjoys a hot shower, then his buddy’s cum shower in the arse!

March 30, 2018

5 minutes can be over so quickly! Sexy dark-haired beauty Jarde takes a 5 minute shower break before his lover Abir Tevel joins to drag him into their bedroom. In hindsight, his little shower session was over way too soon! I could have spent hours and hours watching Jarde playing with his body for our camera, teasing us with his perfectly shaped body, his incredibly...

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New Scene On Staxus: Blond Bitch Gets To Ride Fresh Uncut Dick To A Sticky Climax! HD

March 29, 2018

Have I been a bit distracted from demanding to see Ron Negba ride Navon Raffi’s ramrod, or were there no sweet fruits or long, thick vegetables used in scene one of „Forbidden Fruits“? Still, the chances are good that you won’t notice the lack of vegetables in Ron & Navon’s scene at all, because both boys entertain us really well and keep us (and our...

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