If you were biker boy Thomas Dyk and you came across the sight of Nicolas Santos and Mike Radden sharing their uncut cocks in the sun, you wouldn’t be attempting to flee with their clothes, would you?

He doesn’t get far after grabbing their gear and speeding away in this opening scene for Sleazy Riders, which suggests his plan all along was for the two to catch him and involve his gorgeous cock and tight little ass in their horny fun. I get the feeling all he would have needed to do was ask!

When they catch up with him he makes it clear very quickly that his cock needs some loving. His dick is soon out and the guys are getting into a great threesome, swapping their hard and wet uncut cocks as they feast on each other out in the sun.

It’s a gorgeous sight, but things get even better when the guys move into a more comfortable situation so that Thomas can get his mouth and ass filled with dick at the same time, his new friends sharing him between them and thrusting their dicks in and out of his mouth and ass until none of the guys can hold their cum shots back.

It’s great classic with three gorgeous guys, we would all love to be there to make it a fourgy!

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