Sexy boys in skimpy shorts – that’s something we can only enjoy in summer! So when it happens we should definitely enjoy it in the fullest; sitting on a bench in the park, watching sexy lads jogging by in ultra short (and hopefully tight) shorts which reveal more than they can cover! Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like watching this! ;)

A good illustration of what I’m talking about is this pic with sex bomb Lucas Drake, taken just a few days ago when he stood – and fucked! – in front of our cameras for a new boy scout scene:

Maybe it’s because I’m a very big STAXUS fan myself (or maybe it’s because I am a helpless twink addict), but don’t you have the feeling that these skimpy shorts look somewhat familiar?

Right, they might be the same Angel Lopez wore some time ago in one of his arguably best scenes ever … when Lopez spread his cheeks for the unforgettable Ray Mannix, after having teased him with his shorts and the handsome content therein!

And that leads me to the next question: Do you think these boys share their underwear and shorts on set? I guess it wouldn’t be the first time guys exchange their pants, and I know for a fact that there are a lot of guys who love to wear shorts and slips other men (particularly porn stars) have worn for some time beforehand.

What do you think? Is this a hot fetish you’d like to try as well – or should everyone stick with his own cum-drenched clothes? ;)

Let us know your thoughts, please – and check out Angel’s scene once again for the right mental stimulation to answer such a filthy question! :D