Hi guys!

I hope you’re enjoying Staxus in August so far, we’ve tried to come up with a mixed schedule of twinks, studs, outdoor action and vanilla scenes, content from 3 different directors and also introduced some new models.

I wanted to keep you in the loop with what we are doing on our end and what is coming up next on Staxus:

As you might have noticed, we’ve followed your feedback and added the model names on top of their thumbnails on the Models page and we’ve also added their names in text + links on the scenes page (you can see them on top of their round profile photos, in the “Featuring:” box). This should make it easier for you to identify the models and navigate easier.

We are currently working on upgrading the navigation across the site and some many other features and changes, all based on your feedback of the new site from the recent weeks.

Over the course of the past 45 days you might have experienced Staxus being very slow sometimes and we even had to take the site offine for a few hours every now and then. This was only to improve the site, we really apologize for the downtimes. We have moved Staxus to brand new, better servers, and you should have experienced an increase in site speed and responsiveness over the past week.

We will continue to work on improving the site and we value your feedback so please feel free to comment on Staxus scenes, your suggestions always help in taking decisions.

And since we don’t have a video scene today on Staxus, here are some previews of our upcoming Staxus scenes:

August 20, 2014: Bo Randall & Matt Boner:

August 22, 2014: Mike James, Sven Laarson & Johny Cruz:

August 24, 2014: Paul Ryan & Jaye Elektra:

August 26, 2014: Yuri Adamov & Shane Hirch:

August 28, 2014: Kamyk Walker, Billy Rubens & Will Sims:

August 30, 2014: Tim Law & Alexander Dorch:

August 31. 2014: Last day of summerStaxus Bonus Scene: Orlando White & Louis Blakeson: