Well, I did promise that I would end today’s chat with you all with a really hot and horny locker room orgy, and I live up to my promises! This is the latest scene added to the Staxus site, and it’s one of those that will probably be on a lot of your favourites lists once you’ve seen these boys sharing those cocks with each other and blasting the cum out.

The locker room orgy theme has featured heavily in recent weeks, but with good reason. The boys we have – especially the British boys – are all really into the sporty fetish. I don’t know what the deal is with British boys, but they really get off on sucking and fucking in the changing rooms, and guys like Luke Desmond are totally into the football theme too.

Along with Luke Desmond – the immensely hung and handsome boy who loves to fuck lads in the butt – we have Skylar Blu, Jonny Parker, Aaron Aurora and Drake Law making up the cast, and every single one of them is hungry for as much action as they can get.

The best thing about these locker room orgy shoots is how horny all the boys are for cock right from the start. When we’re filming these videos we have to be really careful that the lads don’t cum too early. You wouldn’t believe the number of times we have to stop in some shoots because one of the guys cocks are about to start squirting cream everywhere.

There’s no denying that these boys are all so turned on by the location and the thought of boys sharing their dicks in there that a lot of them were on the edge of cumming right from the start. Thankfully they all held their jizz in until the right moment, and there’s a lot of messy splashing ending the shoot!

Footballer cock in the locker room (1)

Footballer cock in the locker room (2)

Footballer cock in the locker room (3)

Footballer cock in the locker room (4)