I’ve probably said this a few times before, and the last time probably wasn’t too long ago either, but I think I need to get back into swimming. I used to, years ago, but it’s been a while. Then again, I doubt going to any pool around here would lead to anything like these two handsome young men enjoy with each other.

We’re back with the Pool Boy story, and already this video has been getting a whole lot of love from the fans. It’s easy to see why, have you checked out the stunning young guys enjoying themselves in this one?

We have handsome fresh arrival Orri Gaul playing the part of the masseur, and doing a fantastic job of it too, with Max Grey back for only his second appearance and eager to get some more hard young cock up his ass.

The fun starts out with gorgeous Max being watched in the shower, looking pretty damn fine it has to be said. Moving to the massage table takes things in a far hornier direction as sexy Orri gets working on his naked body.

Needless to say, he’s soon focusing his attentions on that tight round ass and the boys long uncut cock. I love seeing some good cock play like that in a video, oiled and slippery wanking and helmet play, with some hot hole looking ready to fuck too.

Before they get to that there’s a whole lot of mutual sucking to share as Orri gets naked and joins his “customer” on the table, each boy sucking and slurping on the stiff inches of the other in a totally tasty looking 69. Honestly, that might be enough to have my dick pumping cum, but these boys deliver a lot more action before their dicks have reached their limit.

The sight of handsome Orri sinking his naked boner into that hole is amazing to watch. The position they enjoy up on the table is damn hot, with some great opportunities to watch from behind as Orri sinks in and out of that butt and Max’s balls swing and sway beneath.

Finally, with Max on his back and wanking himself off while his friend pummels his dick in and out of his ass, we’re ready to go over the edge with the boys. Max gets his jizz fucked out of him, decorating his abs with his load, then gets into position to lick Orri’s nuts while he strokes out his own milky goo for his friend, pumping cum from his hooded cock right into Max’s face and mouth!

Damn, I started out thinking a day at the pool might be a good thing, now I’m thinking I need to book a massage!

Check out the pics and click through for the video. The fans have been loving this one so far and I know you’re gonna love it too if you haven’t watched it already.