I think you guys know after some of the videos I’ve featured on the Staxus blog that I enjoy some outdoor gay sex. I don’t know why, but seeing boys sharing their dicks out in the open is pretty sexy, and if you’ve ever had some outdoor fucking yourself you probably know that the danger of it can be a real turn on too.

After talking to one of the members of the site about my love of outdoor gay sex I found out that I am most definitely not alone. He has a favorites list packed with videos of some of the hottest outdoor shots we’ve ever filmed, and this video with Tom and Sebastian is on that list.

It’s another gay soccer boy video – I know, we have a lot of them, and we know that you guys really get off on them too – but it’s set outside with these two boys kicking a ball around before they start on each others dicks.

The action is really horny with Sebastian taking his friends long and uncut cock inside his ass right there out in the open where anyone could catch them. Of course, I think that other guys stumbling across some lads enjoying outdoor gay sex like this would probably want to join in. I definitely would! lol

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