I love how they point out the silliness of calling these boys “innocent” in the title for this latest video to arrive on the Staxus site lol

This is of course the scene for the pics I added yesterday, in preparation for the hardcore video with Kai Alexander and Xander Hollis arriving on the site. I thought that it was going to be popular, because I think all the guys here love the sight of some horny young British skater twinks getting it on, and I definitely wasn’t wrong. I know a lot of you have been wanking along to this hardcore scene, and I’ll bet that it’s already made it to some of the favourites lists.

It’s made it to my list, but then there are so many of the hot videos on the site in that list already I could keep myself entertained for a whole month non-stop – if I had a gallon of lube of course ;)

So after those pics yesterday, and after enjoying this video for myself this morning, I have one more photo from the gallery to share with you. If you haven’t watched these skater twinks in action yet then I think this one might just push you to signing in and getting that dick of yours out for a little stroking ;)

Xander Hollis fucks Kai Alexander at Staxus