I have to admit that I was expecting a lot more discussion on the Staxus site about the new Field Worker Fantasy scene that I shared some pics from last night. It’s on there for you guys to wank out some juice over, and although it’s getting some good votes and made it onto the faves lists of plenty of members, I thought there would be a lot more appreciation being shown for these gorgeous young men.

Maybe some of you guys just haven’t seen this one yet? If you haven’t, you definitely should, because these boys really have some good chemistry together and the cock sucking and butt fucking in this scene is well worth checking out.

Orlando White is a fave of mine, I admit, and seeing him sucking on the thick uncut cock of Blake Hanson is worthy of mention. I’ve sucked off some pretty thick cocks in my time, but Blake’s meaty shaft is one juicy pole that any one of us would probably struggle with.

Orlando manages it though, and gets a great sucking in return as he continues to wank off his thick-dicked friend.

Something else worthy of some appreciation is Orlando’s fucking style, which is energetic and powerful for such a slim and wiry young man. I love seeing him slamming some hole like he does, and it works on Blake who jerks on his own thick uncut cock until it’s unloading a thick white mess all over his smooth body. And of course, a messy facial of goo for Blake is the perfect ending! ;)

Orlando White fucks the cum out of bottom twink Blake Hanson