You saw some of the pics from the gallery for this new Staxus video yesterday, but the video is now up on the site and I know a lot of you have been enjoying it ;)

Directed by John Smith, this scene was reportedly not expected to be an amazing one. I know that might sound strange, but a lot of the guys are talking about things on the forum all the time and they really don’t hold back either. If the fans see something they don’t like, they’ll say it, and if the directors or performers have something to say about a scene, you’re likely to see that there too.

But I have to say, if the making of this scene was disappointing to the director, I would love to see an example of what he describes as his most impressive scene lol

I have been impressed by this one, despite the obvious nervousness of both Marc Sage and Marco Rivera at the start of it. You can really tell that both are pretty new to cock sucking, but they seem to be getting into it. Shaking hands and cautious oral show that these inexperienced boys are still learning, but the fucking is pretty hot and the reluctant cum facial is pretty horny too!

I have to say that I can kind of get why some would not be impressed by this one, but I enjoyed it. Both boys are sexy, and I love that mushroom cock Marco has, and the way the inexperienced boys act shows they are still learning and just getting into cock with others – I find that real horny!

Bareback boys Marc Sage and Marco Rivera