So it’s Wednesday, and I guess that means that most of you have that same odd feeling of being happy that the weekend is coming but at the same time being depressed that there’s another two days of work to endure – unless you’re a porn star or something, in which case YIPPEE! Another two days of sex! lol

But if you’re not a porn star, and you do something you don’t really like all that much, then I have a couple of things to really cheer you up today. I’m starting things off with a gay massage scene that becomes a horny and hardcore gay threesome fuck, in true Staxus style.

There’s a great mix of boys in this video, with Tom Arnott, Bud Fraser and Mr. Rush. Tom is the hot young man getting the oiling in this gay massage video as Mr. Rush works him over, paying a little too much attention to his hungry little hole. But that seems to be good with him, and his friend Bud who has been watching the fun and playing with his own hard cock in his shorts.

That ass is just too tempting to ignore and when Bud sees his chance to get some hole too he’s heading in to taste some ass and feed his friend his hard dick!

The boys team up to fuck and feed him, but soon Bud is getting the hard dick of Mr. Rush in his hole as he fucks his teammate too! I love chain fucking like this, especially standing up (why does fucking feel just that little hotter when you’re on your feet? Feel free to tell me in the comments if you happen to know!)

Bud gets a spit roasting next, with his friend feeding him his thick cum load. That sends him into unloading too, wanking out his own juice before Mr. Rush ends the fuck by coating Bud’s cock and balls in his own nutt.

Gay massage videos are pretty hot, but I think of all the ones I’ve watched on the site so far this one is the best. It’s another for my favourites list ;)

Stay tuned for some more pics from a new video coming your way. I’ll be back with that post shortly!

Gay massage turns into a hardcore threesome! (1)

Gay massage turns into a hardcore threesome! (2)

Gay massage turns into a hardcore threesome! (3)

Gay massage turns into a hardcore threesome! (4)