So, we saw some photos from this new scene on the Staxus site yesterday, and it seems that many of the members have been watching the video since it arrived, and enjoying it too. I know there are a lot of fans of twink fisting videos, and this one should definitely be making it onto a lot of faves lists ;)

Sexy worker Orlando White has gained the attention of voyeuristic twink Matt Johnson from a window, and when the handsome young man arrives in the room he gets a kiss straight away. That seems to be all the hottie needs to get in the mood for some action, with his cock soon out and sliding into Matt’s mouth.

Both boys get plenty of dick to suck on as they swap blowjobs on the couch, but soon Matt is opening up his smooth hole for Orlando to slide his hard dick into.

I love watching this boy fuck, he’s so good at it and when he really gets his dick deep he gives it some hard and rapid thrusting. I don’t know how his bottoms manage to last so long with that kind of fucking, nor him either, but somehow they do.

You know that this is one of those horny twink fisting videos though, so if you get off on seeing a wet ass being stretched you will love seeing Matt taking Orlando’s hand in his hole after being fucked like that. It’s the wanking and sucking that has Matt finally splashing out his load in Orlando’s face, with the handsome boy getting a taste, then getting his own long dick sucked dry too ;)

I can certainly see why this video is so popular already, but then anything with Orlando in it is going to be loved by the fans in my opinion. Check it out when you get the chance!

Matt Johnson and Orlando White in a hardcore fucking and fisting scene