I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I made the most of it, drank far too much, ate more than I should, then last night I hooked up with a very horny friend I hadn’t seen for at least a year and had a great time :)

Of course, now we have New Year coming up, which is going to be just as raucous if not more so. I’m looking forward to that, too :)

You probably saw the new video on Christmas Day, but if you haven’t I recommend logging in and checking it out. I’ll have more on that after this post so stick around.

Yesterday we saw the arrival of another great remastered video starring Tom Arnott, David Owen and Bill Brown in a bareback jock boy threesome, and what a great choice it was for bringing back over the holidays.

Tom plays the role of a photographer who just can’t help himself when confronted with the beauty that is David. We can understand that. The guy is pretty damn sexy and we would all be abandoning our own professionalism when given the chance to enjoy his cock, mouth and snug ass!

The two are engaged in some tasty cock sucking with Tom’s partner arrives to catch them in the act, but Bill isn’t upset about it at all. Of course, he’s quickly getting his own uncut cock out to join the party :)

You can probably predict that it’s going to be David in the middle of his two friends as they share his mouth and ass between them, filling him up with cock at both ends until all their dicks are ready to start spewing hot cum.

Take a look at the trailer and click through for the full video, you’re gonna love this one.

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”24922″]


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