When guys find out that I write for STAXUS on the blog I get a lot of questions. Aside from asking me if I get to meet the models or get to see the videos before anyone else (no, and no, by the way lol) one of the most popular questions is which boys they should check out on the site when they sign up.

My list is long and includes a hell of a lot of boys you all love, but for the guys who like straight and athletic boys I pick Sam Williams.

This handsome Czech boy started out back in October 2014, and quickly found a lot of fans who wanted more and more of him. He was soon showing how versatile he was, topping and bottoming, and even sharing some pissing fun too.

He appeared in eighteen videos in total, with duo, threesome and orgy scenes alongside some of the most amazing young guys.

It’s actually quite amazing that he made as many videos as he did, considering he started out straight and was still learning about sharing his uncut cock with other boys. He got into it all so quickly and it was obvious to us that he really like the taste of a hard uncut dick, and the feel of a cock up his tight little hairy hole.

When he wasn’t appearing on video for us he was working nights in a Prague bar, and getting a lot of attention from both men and women.

You know a lot of guys walked into that bar and recognized him straight away from his videos, and from what I heard he wasn’t shy about taking advantage of his fame… he got a lot of great fun with fans!

It wasn’t only at work that he was getting a lot of attention. He was always active in the running and skateboarding scenes, going to events and hanging out with a lot of other guys, and it seems he was getting a lot of cock fun with other guys through those sporting activities too.

Of the eighteen videos he appeared in during his time with us I would recommend watching every single one of them, but I’ve managed to reduce my list down to just a few, with some pics giving you an idea of what you can expect from the scenes.

Check out these pics of Sam Williams in action and click through for more of the handsome young man!