Joel or Cobe? Joel or Cobe? Joel or Cobe?

Apologies, but I’m sitting here with some daisies trying to work out whether I should wank off to big dicked Joel, the handsome boy with the beautiful hair, the slim twink body and the nice ass – or to new boy Cobe, an equally handsome young fucker who reminds me a bit of pale Alex Aurora (and guys, I’ve wanked a LOT to Alex ;) ).

Anyway, no matter if you fancy a date with Joel or Cobe, the latest addition to the ever growing STAXUS twink porn scene library will make all twink lovers cum in appreciation, that’s guaranteed!

Unlike other classic bottoms, Joel has a really big cock and it’s a real feast for the eyes to watch his bare cock swinging up and down while he gets fucked in various positions (on a couch that in real life is surely covered with the cum stains of more than a handful of young twinks…. can I have that one for my living room, please? :D).

The bareback porn flick with Joel and Cobe is filled with little kinky details which might be missed by some of you, so allow me to highlight them here:

In the 7th minute for example, Joel sucks on Cobe’s impressive length – and what does Cobe do? He fingers Joel’s arse; that boy really can’t wait to fuck that tight hole! Just moments later, when Cobe sticks balls deep into his boyfriend’s guts, he pulls Joel’s hair to fuck him even harder. That’s a kinky little detail which I personally enjoyed very much; it shows us how horny Cobe is! Another hot detail is the sight of Joel’s open hole, which director John Smith excellently captures on tape for us to enjoy.

So, the only question that remains unanswered is… Joel or Cobe?

Leave a comment as to which one you would pick for a rough and bareback ride on that cum-sodden couch? :) Joel or Cobe?