Over the past few weeks we’ve introduced you to a couple of 21st Century boys – David Mannix and Ken Rollins. Well, today we’re pleased to introduce you to Millennium Kid 3 in the form of young Ethan Wilder.

To be honest with you, however, this handsome fellow very nearly didn’t make it as far as getting in front of the cameras.

It’s easy to think that performing in a porn film with lots of equally gorgeous beauties is the easiest thing in the world. In reality, however, the task can come as something of a big shock to a lot of guys, especially young lads like Ethan who have literally only just turned eighteen!

So the fact that this boy nearly bottled it when he first appeared at the STAXUS studios shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Luckily, director, John Smith, had teamed him up with Colin Horner, a slightly older chap who’s always had a great deal of confidence both behind and in front of the lens. The result is a terrrific set-piece that we just know you’re gonna love.

And the really fantastic news is that you haven’t got long to wait until you can all enjoy the result. As soon as this coming Thursday, in fact.

Needless to say, we’ve a sneaking suspicion you’re gonna love this boy. In a big, big way :-)