Okay guys, I have to say that I thought the twink ass fingering in this video would probably have a lot of you really enjoying it, and it looks like that’s the case given that so many members have been voting this one up and commenting about all that anal action in this new scene.

Carl Ross always gets plenty of attention when he’s appearing in a video, and given that he breaking in a new boy in this one too, it’s no wonder the guys have been enjoying it as much as they have been.

The new boy in question is Ariel Glutton, a perfect stage name if ever I heard one!

This boy is sweet and sexy, and no wonder Carl can’t keep his hands off him in this roommate themed video.

When a new twink bottom arrives and shows his skills so quickly you can be pretty sure that he’s going to be a popular twink for a while, and I think after this duo we can expect to see a lot more from him. He shares his cock and ass with Carl like he’s been in the business for years, but it’s the cummy hole twink ass fingering that will really do it for a lot of you guys :)

Check out the scene when you get the chance – like now for instance. This is going to make it on to plenty of faves lists in the coming week.

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