I have to start this off by saying that I think this might be one of the sexiest duos I’ve seen this week, and I’ve seen a few. I always feel a little bad saying something like that because so many of the boys here at STAXUS are stunning and the videos they give us are so damn hot, but I think a lot of you will agree that this new scene in the Foreskin Fuckers series is one to watch a few times.

I also have to say that Ben Isai actually reminds me of a friend from years ago, a 19-year-old buddy who used to work out at home and had a stunning body. He was proud of it too and he wasn’t shy about showing off in front of his friend. Yeah, he was a wanking buddy too, we enjoyed a lot of cock stroking together in those days!

So, we start out with Ben being distracted by his own gorgeous body as he heads to the bathroom and leaves his horny friend Sivan Ozzi on the bed. I don’t know how he could just walk away from that sexy lad like that, but his absence allows us to enjoy the sight of the handsome young man laying there in bed and playing with his own engorged cock. I love seeing some good foreskin play and this lad has such a sexy hooded cock I could suck and slurp on that thing for a while!

Ben finally returns and finds his buddy enjoying his own dick, and that’s what seems to trigger him to join in. Of course he would, I don’t think there are many boys out there, gay or straight, who would be able to turn down some dick fun after walking into the room and seeing that!

Moments later the boys are gorging on dick, sucking those juicy boners and sharing a whole lot of oral. These handsome boys really know how to enjoy some hard inches between them, making each other even harder and tasting the precum dripping from their helmets.

Needless to say, they take it all the way with some awesome anal when Ben offers up his tight hairy hole. He’s got an awesome ass, and it obviously feels great for Sivan as he eases into him and proceeds to fuck his buddy all over the bed.

Stick around for the final moments of this one, especially if you love seeing a handsome young man getting fresh cum splashed in his face!

Enjoy some pics and click through for the full video, it’s gonna be on your faves list within minutes and you’ll probably be wanking out a jizz load to this more than once :)