He’s already appeared with some of the biggest names at www.staxus.com – Vittorio Vega, Joel Tamir, Beno Eker and Ron Negba – but director, John Smith, clearly decided that it was time that the studio’s favourite hunky fucker, Colin Horner, should enjoy a session with someone who’s distinctly less experienced when it comes to enjoying cock.

And believe us, he proves to be every inch the perfect mentor for Jimmy Jefferson, who’s clearly just a little nervous at the prospect of being filmed having sex for the very first time. With a disarming smile and a few easing words, Colin’s very quickly introducing the new boy to a whole new different kind of work; and before you know it, Jimmy has his cock out and there really is no going back!

What follows really is a terrific display of first-time pleasures. But why just take our word for it? The scene has gone live today, so head straight to www.staxus.com and judge for yourself. We really don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

And when you’ve unloaded a wad or two of appreciative spunk – as we’re sure you will – why not take a break and tell us what you think of some of the new lads, such as Jimmy, who are appearing on the site? We’d love to hear your views on who you’d hire and who you’d fire!