Gorgeous Czech twinks Sven Laarson and Tristan Archer are hooking up in a brand new scene coming to the Staxus site tomorrow, and if there is a better way to start the week then I fail to find it. This is going to have so many of you guys busting one out tomorrow!

Director John Smith can always be trusted to deliver the goods in his hardcore videos, and this one is definitely going to deliver if the pics and trailer are anything to go by.

For those who have never been to the Czech Republic you might be inclined to think that there are old barns all over the place, they seem to be one of the primary locations for horny locals to get their cocks out with each other. We’re heading into one with these two boys for this one too, and within moments of sneaking in they have their hooded dicks out for some wanking and sucking.

Inevitable mutual oral ensues, and I have to confess that when the boys are as sexy as these two Czech twinks I could probably get off and splash a load out without even getting to the fucking! But, of course, this is a bareback scene, so someone is going to take a naked dick up their hole :)

Of course, Sven is the one claiming some ass as he sinks his delicious tool into Tristan, something the boy is clearly practiced in taking.

It results in an excellent romp between the two, with both shooting off some splooge before the credits roll.

Check out some pics, leave a comment below and feel free to share this post around too! See you back here for the video tomorrow :)