Confession, they say, is good for the soul – but whether it’s possible to be too honest with your boyfriend is a matter of debate. Whatever the pros and cons of the argument, Johny Cruz decides to take the opportunity of Tyler Johnson’s candidness to unburden some of his own guilt, namely an illicit encounter with horny masseur, Chris Young.

Unlike many other porn scenes, the initial foreplay between the two twinks is kept strictly to a minimum here, as Young takes prompt advantage of Cruz’s hungry ass to thrust his cock deep inside the youngster’s butt. Only after the opening session of raw intercourse do the boys then proceed with what might consider to be the usual Czech-style antics, as they top-and-tail for a superb foray of sucking and licking that leaves young Cruz literally crying out for the next hard fuck. And geez does he get it, with Young pushing and pulling the cock-crazed dancer into a succession of near-unbelievable positions in order to accommodate his meaty bare shaft.

It’s really precious little wonder that both boys are soon bubbling on the brink of ecstasy; Young face-fucking his compatriot, before spewing jizz all over Cruz’s face!

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