I’m quite sure the scouts wasn’t like this when I was a member, but then again I didn’t have Jake Stark and Vittorio Vega in my cohort! Had I have done, I’m sure my memories of time at scout camp would’ve been very, very different – of that I’m absolutely certain! LOL

Enough of my idle nostalgia, however – let’s get straight back to the here and now, and tell you all about the fantastically filthy new scene that has just hit the decks at www.staxus.com!

We provided you with a short 5 minute clip of the escapade back on Thursday, and no doubt you’ve been chomping at the bit to see the action in full ever since. Before you do, however, make sure you have plenty of tissues to hand because we have a big suspicion that viewing this sizzlingly hot alfresco fuck is gonna prove a very, very sticky affair for everyone who sees it.

So head to www.staxus.com right now and enjoy one of the hottest scenes from your very favourite studio since – well, since the last one! LOL

And, if you still have the energy afterwards, feel free to drop us a line to tell us what you think. As you know, we’re always eager to hear your thoughts on everything we do.