If you like lengthy introductions to your porn – which always seems a bit crazy to me given that the whole idea is surely to enjoy the sight of hard cock and pert ass as quickly as humanly possible! – then chances are you might be a tad disappointed with this upcoming full-on set-piece featuring Adrian Bennet and Beno Eker.

Fact is, these boys get straight down to action in pretty much next to no time – snogging each other’s faces off and rolling around in the bed like a pair of love-drunk teens.

All that said, we’re actually four minutes into the action before Beno finally gets his lips around Adrian’s thick, straining shaft; prior to both lads positioning themselves in 69-position to suck each other simultaneously. By which point there’s a very good chance that you’ll be wanking away on your own dick so hard that you’ll be past the point of caring.

All of which soon leads to Adrian getting the pounding of his life – before receiving an appreciative facial from his mate for his efforts.

As a taster, here’s our fabulous free trailer; and if you want to savour the scene in full make sure you log into www.staxus.com this Thursday!

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