Fans of interracial fornication are in for a real treat atย www.staxus.comย today, thanks to studio stalwart, Jake Stark, and horny Canadian newbie, River Wilson. Believe us, if you like to see cute white boys getting buggered good and proper by big black cock then this scene is for you!

Of course, in many ways it’s all a glorious throwback to the days of Hector Agusti and Devon LeBron – except we think River’s even sexier! No more so than when he’s writhing around on his bed fantasising about the horny encounter with Jake that’s about to become the centrepiece of this stunning little set-piece.

So what the fuck are you waiting for? Your balls are full and your cock is hard – and these two hot beauties are literally waiting to help you unload.

What’s more, there’s even more good news for fans of River. He’ll be back for more interracial action in the very near future – and this time he gets fucked!! Watch this space for more info very, very soon!