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Today is Joel’s big day, enjoying a nice, extensive massage and wanking session, provided by Lior Hod, who showed off with his fucking talents in three other scenes our massive hit, “Refugee”. He’s a good choice to break in the new guy – and takes us all to twink heaven in the process!

Both boys are really slim, with perfect boyish twink bodies and cocks, aching to get attention from those strong, manly hands that we would all not doubt like to feel on our bodies. Lior strokes Joel’s enormous uncut cock for several minutes, allowing it to grow to full size – and then he fucks the new boy without further ado, directly on the massage table!

It’s always nice to watch a bare, uncut cock sliding into a tight boy’s hole, but it’s even nicer when we know that this hole is new to the business and barely has any anal experience prior to this point – if indeed any at all!

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