Oh look at what I just came back to, a deliciously horny remastered classic scene with a couple of sexy twink boys sharing some raw action, what a way to start 2016 at Staxus!

This is one from 2007, a time when many of you were probably in your teens and looking not unlike these two as they play with their dicks and get all worked up for some bareback fun. This is a perfect opportunity to think back to when you were their age and perhaps just exploring sharing your cock with a buddy. Personally, back then I was all about the wanking, with friends as well as lone, but it wasn’t long until I was becoming a bit of a cock fiend and teaching them some new things :)

You might know already that it’s Brad Simpson getting that long naked cock up his hole for this one, with floppy haired Simon Clay delivering the goods to his tight little rump. If you didn’t know either of them then this pairing is probably a good way to be introduced.

Now, although I personally don’t get the whole sneaker thing that’s not a reason to dislike any of the fun in this one, the boys are playful and horny, soon sucking on those tasty uncut meat poles. With both dicks throbbing and oozing they waste little time getting down to the real action with Simon easing his cock into his bareback bottom buddy.

Being banged from behind, rammed from beneath or reclining for some spooning fuck action the scene is pretty delicious and I have a feeling you would all love to take on one of these roles given the chance. If you’re a cum lover (like me) then you’d probably opt to be our to boy, after buggering his bareback bottom buddy he shoots a load on his fucked ass and then gets a splashing of jizz right in the mouth from wanking Brad!

Enjoy some of the pics and click through to check out the video if you haven’t already. Let me know in the comments which of these boys you would love to be!

Bareback bottom Brad Simpson gets creamed 0 Bareback bottom Brad Simpson gets creamed 1 Bareback bottom Brad Simpson gets creamed 2 Bareback bottom Brad Simpson gets creamed 3 Bareback bottom Brad Simpson gets creamed 4