5 minutes can be over so quickly!

Sexy dark-haired beauty Jarde takes a 5 minute shower break before his lover Abir Tevel joins to drag him into their bedroom. In hindsight, his little shower session was over way too soon!

I could have spent hours and hours watching Jarde playing with his body for our camera, teasing us with his perfectly shaped body, his incredibly hot six-pack (to be precisely, it’s a fucking unbelievable eight-pack!!), his big, fat cock, and his well-shaved-and-soaped arse-hole!

And it’s this arse-hole that will get stretched to the max in this Sunday’s hot & romantic escapade, during which bisexual Jarde bottoms for the first time in front of the STAXUS cameras.

Both boys swap cocks; before Abir sinks his naked shaft into the tight butt of Jarde, who actually looks quite impressed with Abir’s size :) haha

I won’t give too much away when I say that Jarde’s cumshot is a really sticky one; and Abir just can’t help himself when he creams the dark haired beauty’s well-fucked hole just seconds later.

That’s something you definitely won’t want to miss, so enjoy the preview pic here on the blog and the full hardcore package this Sunday on Staxus.com!

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