It is always going to be great to see Kris Wallace in a Staxus video, and young Chase Anderson is gaining a great following on the site since he arrived too. But there’s a lot about this video aside from the boys in it that makes it something a little more special.

To start with it’s a slightly romantic gay porn video with two boys who really have some chemistry going on between them. I’ve always believed that you can usually tell when the performers have a connection with each other in the way the sex is enjoyed and the way they respond to each other, and I believe that this can’t always be changed by editing. So, when you have some real passion going on it makes it even more obvious in the final video.

The way this is filmed and presented is also pretty amazing. We’ve seen the style at Staxus change a little over the last year or so and the camera work and the quality of the end product has been clearly improving, even though it’s always been pretty great. This scene shows that well, with some really clever angles and some great skill in editing.

I don’t usually get technical in my posts about new scenes, but this romantic gay porn video is a great example of how the style has been changing.

Well done to all involved in this one, not least of the two gorgeous boys enjoying each other!

Kris Wallace gets a great fuck from Chase Anderson in this bathroom sex scene