He’s young, he’s hung – and his smile makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

Jake Stark is very close to what I would call Mr. Perfect. The only thing missing in that respect is that he’s not my boyfriend! Haha I admit it, I’ve got a little crush on that sexy blond Spaniard who entered my life this year with his first appearance in front of the STAXUS cameras; milking his hard-on with the help of two handsome boys (check out “Foreskin Fuckers” if you haven’t already!).

He’s so cute and gorgeous that he was offered to sign up as an exclusive with STAXUS – and that means a lot! Only the best of the best receive that privilege, so look forward to many more scenes with this cute little hottie!

Today, I wanna share some of his private snapshots and selfies with you, presenting you Jake as the boy he is in his private life:

A young lad who likes to travel the world…

… who spends the nights in hotels – and as you can guess, he’s not alone there for long! Rumours say that he wants to visit as many foreign cities as possible to meet as many sexy boys as possible, all over the world! Who knows, maybe he will visit your city some day?

… who does not only have the looks of a beach boy, but who also likes to spend his days under the sun on a hot beach, bathing his stunningly beautiful body in the water, enjoying the sun and the looks from all the other guys around…

… who also likes to have sex on the beach (honestly, can you imagine anything more sensual than fucking this beauty at dusk on the beach…??)

… who visits the gym regularly to keep his perfect body in shape

… and who surely does not only know how to suck on that water pipe! Lol

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