Well, this was something a little unexpected! I didn’t know about this horny remastered sex scene coming to the Staxus site today, but it was definitely a nice little bonus to enjoy :)

It’s from the Bare Reunion collection, starring sexy young men Mike Shawn and Jose Manuel in a men’s room sex session that should have everyone out there stroking along to the fun.

As you might already know (if you’re a big fan of gay porn) Jose was a very prolific performer during his time in the business. I don’t know how many videos he starred in, or how many of them were for Staxus, but it’s fair to say that this boy delivered gallons of jizz in his time in porn. This is just one example of what he was famous for, that big uncut dick being shared and his hot young ass being enjoyed.

This video is something a little special. Forget the fucking for a little while, for these two boys it’s all about the oral and some amazing anal play too.

The boys swap their cocks in some great sucking, drinking plenty of precum from each other, then Jose is bending over and giving his ass up for some totally hot play as his friend fingers his hole and massages his prostate!

We might be used to full-on fucking, but seeing some horny boys sharing some oral and ass play to get those cum shots pumping out in a men’s room sex scene like this is definitely hot!

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